Disturbing Details About OJ Simpson Exposed


Abuse From The Beginning

After coming home from their first date, 18-year-old, Nicole told a friend that OJ was violent with her. She claimed that OJ had ripped her jeans with anger and force.


The Violence Persisted

Nicole and OJ had a history of domestic issues leading up to her murder. Five years before her death, Nicole needed a trip to the emergency room after OJ beat her mercilessly. When the police arrived at their residence, Nicole ran out of the bushes screaming, “He’s going to kill me! He’s going to kill me!” OJ was charged with domestic abuse and plead no contest. She filed for divorce in 1992 citing irreconcilable differences.


He Kissed Her Corpse Goodbye

With rumors swirling, OJ attended Nicole’s funeral. As brutal as the murders had been, Nicole still received an open casket funeral. OJ arrived to pay his respects among a swirl of whispers from the crowd. Multiple witnesses including Nicole’s mother and Kris Jenner claimed that OJ kissed her on the lips when he approached her body. He spent a significant amount of time with her before whispering, “I’m sorry, Nic. I’m sorry.”

Ex-football player & suspected killer O.J. Simpson (C) w. his children Justin (L) and Sydney (R) at the grave of their murdered mother, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Peeping Tom

While their relationship was legally finished, OJ had trouble moving on from Nicole. He would frequently follow her in his car around the local streets. She moved out of their Rockingham home for and rented a home on Gretna Green Way but could not keep him away. Nicole claimed to spot him in the bushes on multiple occasions while she “cozied up” with her boyfriend Keith Zlomsowitch at home. Zlomsowitch would admit to feeling intimidated by Simpson and his interruptive ways.


OJ’s Girlfriend Left Him For Michael Bolton

Following his divorce from Nicole, OJ dated model Paula Barbieri. Barbieri had a thing for stars and also dated Dolph Lundgren. She famously dumped OJ on the day of the murders and informed him that she was flying to Las Vegas to be with Michael Bolton. Barbieri would return to Los Angeles to help out her former boyfriend. She admitted to bringing him his passport and cash while he stayed at Robert Kardashian’s home.

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Nicole’s Other USC Star

OJ Simpson was not the only USC Trojan Heisman Trophy winner that pursued Nicole. NFL standout Marcus Allen reportedly was hot after Nicole in spite of his friendship with OJ. Allen followed in Simpson’s footsteps at USC and then as an NFL MVP and national advertising pitchman. Nicole’s rumored relationship with Allen peaked with Simpson threatening Nicole. “You ever see Marcus again and I will kill you,” OJ warned. Allen has repeatedly denied the relationship.

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The White Bronco Did Not Belong to OJ

If Nicole and Ron Goldman’s murders had not already sparked public interest, the Bronco chase sealed the deal. The low speed chase on a Los Angeles highway was seen by millions of curious Americans. Although Simpson himself possessed a white Ford Bronco given to him by Hertz, the notorious SUV belonged to chase driver Al Cowlings. He eventually sold it to three men for $75,000 in an attempt to clean himself of some infamy.


OJ Learned Knife Skills For An Unaired Pilot

Prior to the murders and Bronco chase, OJ had just filmed a pilot for an NBC show called Frogmen. Simpson played the leader of a team of ex-Navy SEALs in a similar vibe to the A-Team. To train for his new role, OJ went through extensive military-style knife training. He wanted his acting to appear as real as possible. The show was pulled before it could make it to air due to OJ’s new notoriety.


He Tried To Kill Himself In Khloe Kardashian’s Bedroom

Before the Bronco chase, OJ and his team of lawyers, at the time led by Robert Shaprio and Robert Kardashian, were negotiating his surrender. Simpson holed himself up at the Kardashian’s in the days that followed the murders. OJ apparently tried to kill himself in Khloe Kardashian’s room during his stay. To the Kardashian kids, he was “Uncle OJ.” Robert memorably read Simpson’s suicide note during a press conference.

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Uncle Juice May Have Been Khloe Kardashian’s Father

One of the biggest rumors swirling around the Simpson/Kardashian friendship is the truth behind Khloe’s father. It even became a storyline in season 7 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kris Jenner has admitted to having affairs during the time of Khloe’s conception. The Simpsons and Kardashians frequently vacationed together. The tallest Kardashian sister has some eerily similar physical similarities to Simpson. Khloe refuses to take a paternity test, but will mock the situation.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 14.34.43

OJ Had A ‘Go Bag’ With Him In The Bronco

Many believed OJ was willing to kill himself to evade his inevitable arrest. OJ’s possessions in the car suggest he might have been making a run for it. Police found a fake goatee and mustache, makeup, his passport, and a gun. AC also had $9000 cash in his pockets. OJ told detective Tom Lange, “you let the police know, you let them all know I wasn’t running.” You can judge for yourself.

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His Close Friends Turned On Him

OJ maintained a close friendship with LAPD officer Ron Shipp. The African-American cop had known Simpson for twenty years. When the defense team reached out for comment, hoping to bring a character witness to help their case, Shipp refused. He told them, “OJ killed her. I’m not on board.” During the trial, Shipp testified that OJ opened up to him that “to be truthful, I have had dreams of killing her.”

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The Rockingham House Was Staged For Jurors

Carl Douglas, part of the defense team, admits that they rearranged OJ’s house to make him seem more “black” for the jurors’ visit to Rockingham. They took down pictures of him with white friends and replaced them with ones of him with his black friends instead. Johnny Cochran let the team borrow a Norman Rockwell print of a black girl from his office to be placed at the top of the staircase.


Simpson’s Agent May Have Swung The Case

Prosecutor Chris Darden gambled (and lost) in having Simpson try on the bloody glove found at the scene. Johnny Cochran’s famous “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” may have swung the jury, but OJ’s agent Mike Gilbert may be responsible for why it didn’t fit. Gilbert told OJ to stop taking his arthritis medicine two weeks before the stunt knowing it would make his hands swell. OJ complained about the pain, but went with the ruse.

Double murder defendant O.J. Simpson puts on one o

The US Economy Took A Major Hit During The Verdict

It is estimated that the US economy lost $480 million in productivity thanks to the trial. Americans were glued to the television for 16 grueling and media frenzied months. On October 3, 1995, the country came to a screeching halt. On verdict day, there was a 58% decrease in long distance calls, major drop in water usage, and large swath of government meeting postponed. They would get back to work the next day, but as a nation divided.

Image: Murder defendant O.J. Simpson (C) listens to the n

LAPD Ran Security At OJ’s Release Party

After the verdict that deemed him “not guilty,” OJ hosted a massive party at his Los Angeles house. Many felt the party was in poor taste and were angry with the verdict. The LAPD, a central piece of the trial, worked the party to manage crowd control in case things got out of hand. Simpson was so confident in his victory, he planned the party before the jury even handed in the verdict.


The Ex-Girlriend Speaks Out

OJ’s ex-girlfriends were also exposed to his aggressive behavior. Paula Barbiera wrote a tell al book on her romance with OJ. In The Other WOman – My Years with O.J. Simpson: A Story of Love, Trust, and Betrayal, Barbieri tells of a specific fight in Malibu. She claims that after knocking a phone from her hand and grabbing her, she headed for the door. Before she left he “swore that I’d never lay my hands on another woman like that.” He lied.

Someone Else Confessed To The Crime

It’s been over twenty years since the murders and no one has been convicted for them. One serial killer has confessed to the crime however. Glen Rogers, currently on death row in Florida for multiple homicides, is the only person to take credit for the murders, also claiming another 70 murders in his life. His brother believes there is proof that Simpson hired him to do the crime after Nicole hired him as a painter.


Ron’s Sister Contemplated Killing OJ

For over twenty years, Kim Goldman has dwelled on the outcome of the trial. In her book, Goldman revealed how close she came to killing the former running back. She once ran into OJ in a parking lot years after the trial. Immediately, she fell into a rage as she sat in her car. With no one around, she put her foot on the gas pedal, but could not muster the strength to run him over.


OJ Has Not Paid His Civil Court Judgement

Ron Goldman’s father Fred and Nicole’s estate sued OJ for wrongful death after his acquittal. With a smaller burden of proof, the victims’ families were awarded $33.5 million in damages, therefore deeming Simpson responsible for their deaths. Fred Goldman claims that Simpson “has never honored or paid one single penny of the judgement.” When he is eventually released from prison (for an unrelated crime), Simpson will need to face his financial obligation.

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Many Believe OJ’s Son Is The Culprit

One popular theory is that OJ’s son Jason from his first marriage is the actual killer. It stems from a private investigator’s comments in a BBC documentary. Jason was apparently obsessed with his step-mother and suffered a history of mental illness. The theory states that Jason killed Nicole in a rage after she skipped a family dinner he had planned. As the murder weapon was never found, people believe Jason used one of his chef knives.

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Simpson Tried To Restart His TV Career

Following his acquittal, OJ desperately tried to get back in the limelight. He twice attempted to profit from on-camera interviews. First, he approached Pay Per View for an exclusive deal, but the multimillion dollar deal fell through when they could not secure a sponsor. He reached a similar deal with Fox in 2006 for an interview alongside his book release. The victims’ families felt outraged, protested and convinced the network to halt the project.

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Simpson Confessed in Jail

One witness during the trial had something extra juicy to spill. Rosey Grier, an evangelist, gave a sworn statement that OJ confessed to him while he was in jail during the trial. Sgt. Jeff Stuart claims to have overheard Juice tell Grier that “I didn’t mean to do it! I’m sorry.” Unfortunately, Judge Ito never saw the statement as it was sealed before it could get to him. State law protected conversations between clergy and inmates.


OJ’s Dad Was A Homosexual

One of the biggest reveals from ESPN’s OJ: Made in America into OJ’s family life was that his father was gay. Jimmy Lee Simpson left the family when OJ was four, but would reestablish a relationship with his son. OJ’s friend Calvin Tennyson tells a story of he and OJ stopping by the elder Simpson’s for some things. When he opened the door, they were greeted by Jimmy Lee and another man in bathrobes. Jimmy Lee died of AIDS in 1985.

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People Still Remember The Verdict Well

In cooperation with Sony Electronics, Nielsen put together a survey to rank the most impactful TV moments of all time. The study asked participants if they could remember where they were and whether they discussed the moment with others. The OJ verdict came in at number three behind the 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina and ahead of the Challenger space shuttle disaster and the death of Osama Bin Laden. The Bronco chase came in at number six.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 17.02.39

Simpson Hosted A Short-Lived Prank Show

Do you remember Juiced? Juiced was OJ’s attempt at a reality prank show similar to the then-popular MTV show Punk’d. While most image tarnished celebrities attempt to revive their names, OJ doubled down on the crazy, running around shouting “you’ve been juiced,” to prank victims. Harmon Leon, OJ’s sidekick on Juiced claims most people would ask OJ if he was “that guy who murdered those people? Your wife and that other guy,” after he pulled his pranks. It lasted one PPV episode.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 15.57.05

He Released A Music Video Called Get Juiced

To help promote his new prank show, Simpson put together a NSFW rap music video under the pseudonym MC Juice. Known as a smooth talker in his prime, Simpson comes off as a buffoon with rather limited rapping skills. The video is included in the Juiced DVD and was shot at a Miami strip club. Few original copies of the DVD still exist, but the video is now accessible on the internet.


OJ Was Caught On Tape Committing Armed Robbery

Twelve years after he won the trial of the century, OJ ended up back in court. This time he would not be so lucky. Simpson was charged and convicted on ten felonies and sentenced to 33 years in prison for holding up a merchandise dealer selling his memorabilia. Auction owner Thomas Riccio taped the armed robbery and sold it to TMZ. Simpson was recorded saying, “You think you can steal my s*** and sell it?”

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 16.26.31

Marcia Clark’s Dirty Distraction

District Attorney Marcia Clark did everything she could to put OJ Simpson in prison for the murders. Alan Dershowitz, one of OJ’s attorneys, claimed in his book that Clark attempted to distract Cochran before his closing argument. As he prepared to make his statement, Clark leaned over and whispered, “When you’re up there, I want you to think of only one thing: I’m not wearing any underwear.” Dershowitz confirmed the report with Clark herself.

O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial - February 9, 1995

Simpson Fought A White Supremacist in Prison

Currently, OJ is incarcerated at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada where he still cannot escape controversy. Simpson was reportedly marked for death by a member of the Aryan Nation for cutting the medication line, something he typically does. All inmates at Lovelock stand in line for medication and food together regardless if they are minimum or maximum security inmates. Travis Waugh, housed in maximum security, and OJ fought briefly before other inmates split them up.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 16.36.20

He Collects An NFL Pension

As he gets closer to parole, Simpson has become increasingly worried about his post-prison financial situation. His civil suit judgement still hangs over his head, but he is not totally cash strapped. Thanks to the NFL’s pension plan and his nine year career, Simpson earns near $19,000 a month. Other revenue streams include royalties from his movie and TV career. He is best recognized for his role in The Naked Gun trilogy starring Leslie Nielsen.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 16.45.32

Prison Sports Commissioner

OJ’s days as an athlete might be over, but he stays involved with various sports at Lovelock Correctional Center. He can’t participate anymore due to bad knees, but he coaches inmates and umpires softball games. Juice recently became commissioner of the prison softball league. His duties included overseeing umpires, making rules decisions, and monitoring the games. On good knee days, OJ will walk around the prison track or ride a stationary bike to stay in shape.


Parole Is Still A Possibility

Prison life was a major adjustment for Simpson. His former manager Norman Pardo described Simpson as quite depressed and introverted when he first arrived at Lovelock Correctional Center. Simpson would sit in the corner of his cell and mumble to himself, rarely interacting with other inmates positively. With parole in sight, OJ has gotten his act together and become a model inmate. He will first appear in front of the parole board in July 2017.


If I Did It

In an absolutely bold move, OJ wrote a book to defend his innocence through a descriptive “hypothetical” on how he would have carried out the murders.  The book was to be promoted through a television special titled OJ Simpson: If I Did It, Here’s How It Happen. The book and special were canceled due to a court ruling that the rights belonged to the Goldmans. They published and retitled the book as If I Did: Confessions of the Killer.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 16.31.08

Dominos Made A Killing From The Chase

95 million people watched the Bronco chase and the television commercials that accompanied the broadcasts. Dominos reported record sales thanks to a well-timed ad. The chase preceded dinner time on the West Coast and late evening on the East Coast. Dominos VP of corporate communication explained, “People were so enthralled by the bizarre nature of what was happening, they didn’t want to miss a moment, so instead of going out to dinner or making dinner, many people ordered pizza.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 13.10.17

Was Robert Kardashian Hiding Evidence?

Fred Goldman, Ron’s father, claims that Robert Kardashian helped OJ get rid of evidence. Shortly after the murders, Kardashian was spotted carrying a Louis Vuitton garment bag from Simpson’s house. It is widely speculated that it could have contained the murder weapon and Simpson’s blood-covered clothes. The bag was eventually turned over to the police but it was never tested for blood. Kardashian said, “I don’t believe they really wanted to know the answer”


You Can Rent The Bronco For Parties

Behind JFK’s limo, AC’s white Ford Bronco is arguably the most notorious vehicle in US History. Why not bring it to your next gathering to impress guests. After AC solid it, its new owner Michael Pulwer began renting the Bronco as a party prop. Guests love the chance to take home a photo with a piece of pop culture history. The Bronco also appeared as part of an exhibition at the Luxor Las Vegas in 2012.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 13.56.54

Rickets Almost Derailed His Career Before It Started

O.J.’s legs betrayed him at a young age when he contracted rickets at age two. His mother made him a brace to fix his bowed legs which he wore till age five.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 17.54.58

He Started A Gang In His Youth

The “trial of the century” was not his first dustup with law enforcement. Due to his athletic prowess, O.J. became a leader in his neighborhood. He and his friends formed a local gang called the Persian Warriors. They would steal from factories, warehouses, or delivery trucks even though Simpson referred to them as a “social club.” He would not get off with the crimes, and briefly spent time incarcerated at the San Francisco Youth Guidance Center.

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OJ Coerced His Alibi

One of the biggest “stars” of the trial was OJ’s houseguest Kato Kaelin. He became a public figure for his connection to OJ. Recently, Kaelin admitted that OJ tried to persuade him into confirming his alibi. OJ reportedly said, “You know where I was Kato. You know I was in the kitchen at this time.” At the time, Kaelin was a struggling actor living in OJ’s guesthouse. His testimony and subsequent publicity would take over the rest of his life.


He Returned To The Scene Of The Crime

OJ apparently got a little nostalgic following the Trial of the Century. TMZ founder and managing editor Harvey Levin claims that Simpson went back to Nicole’s Bundy Drive condo a month after he was found not guilty. It is unknown whether he wanted to sadistically re-live the moment or felt some remorse and wanted to make peace. His visit seems quite creepy considering the gruesome nature of the crime, regardless of his involvement.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 16.08.52

Al Cowlings – Best Friend For Ever And Ever

Al “AC” Cowlings and OJ’s friendship began years before AC got behind the wheel of the White Bronco. When they were students at Galileo High School, a friend once pulled a track starter pistol on OJ. Cowlings stood in front of him and said, “if you’re going to shoot O.J., you gotta shoot me first.” They were teammates on four occasions: Galileo High School, college at USC, and professionally with the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers.


OJ Simpson: World Record Holder

Did you know OJ was a two-sport collegiate athlete? In addition to his Heisman Trophy for football, OJ was also part of USC’s record breaking 1967 track team. OJ, along with Earl McCullouch, Fred Kuller, and Lennox Miller, shattered the 440-yard relay world record by a full second. Their time of 38.6, when converted to the current 400 meter measurement, is still the second fastest time in NCAA history only .05 seconds behind the current leader.

Did Johnnie Cochran Tamper With The Gloves?

Former Los Angeles District Attorney Chris Darden became a laughing stock after his huge stunt failed. Darden asked OJ to put the bloody gloves on in front of the court, and they subsequently did not fit with an amused OJ smiling along. Darden believes that Cochran doctored the lining of the gloves so OJ’s hands would not fit. He felt that the liner was torn to limit how far in he could slide his hand.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 16.53.34

He Was Married Before Nicole…To His Best Friend’s Girl

Simpson married his high school sweetheart as a freshman at USC in 1967. He met Marguerite (Whitley) Simpson in high school when she dated Al Cowlings. Cowlings reportedly asked OJ to talk to her when the couple was having issues. Instead of a solution, AC saw OJ steal his girl. Once the initial anger settled, Cowlings fully supported the relationship throughout their 11 year marriage. Marguerite filed for divorce after years of his infidelity and his growing ego.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.45.36

NFL Record Holder

OJ Simpson’s 1973 season is one of legend. He became the first running back to ever rush over 2,000 yards in a season. Only seven players have ever exceeded 2000 yards. The record would stand for 11 years before current leader Eric Dickerson topped Simpson by 102 yards. It is important to note that the NFL only played 14 games in 1973, not the current 16. OJ theoretically could still have the record if not for the rule change as he averaged 143 yards per game that season.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.11.52

The Selfless Teammate

After he broke Jim Brown’s rushing record on the way to 2,000 yards, Simpson made sure to look after his Buffalo Bills teammates. ABC wanted to bring OJ on air to discuss his record breaking effort. He accepted with one condition – he would bring the entire offense with him and introduce them one by one, claiming it as a team effort. He rewarded them all with gold bracelets that read “We Did It, 3,088,” stating the total number of offensive yards gained that season.


He Drank Orange Juice Following The Chase

How does one wind down from a nationally televised police chase? If you are OJ Simpson, you drink some orange juice, of course. Before he was officially taken into custody, OJ reportedly spoke on the phone to his mother then drank a glass of refreshing glass of orange juice. OJ “The Juice” was no longer on the loose. He went to Clark County Detention Center and the trial of the century was ready to begin.


What His Daughter Thinks

Sydney Simpson, the daughter of OJ and Nicole, believes that her father did not do it. One theory she believes holds weight is that her mother was murdered as part of a drug deal gone bad. The biggest piece of evidence supporting this is that Nicole was killed similarly to a Colombian necktie. The theory states that gangbangers came looking for Nicole’s friend Faye Resnick who had been staying at her home following treatment for drug addiction.

Assorted photos - 1991/1

Prison Blackout

2016 proved to be a very fruitful year for OJ in media. Between the FX series The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story  and the documentary O.J.: Made in America, there has been a rise in OJ interest.  One group of people are not allowed to see any of it – the inmates at Lovelock, including OJ. They have a tv, but the Nevada Department of Corrections ruled it inappropriate and a safety hazard to “transmit information about an inmate to the rest of the inmate population.”