These Awkward Vacation Photos Did Not Go As Planned


Smile For The Camera

You never know what kind of wildlife you will see on vacation. These three ladies never thought their snorkeling experience would end with the stingray photobomb of a lifetime.


Splish Splash

This family vacation was off to a great start. After driving from their homes in Jacksonville, they arrived in Gulf Shores, Alabama. With two young kids, the drive could have been a burden, but they were little angels from start to finish. On their first day of vacation, they took a trip to the beach hoping to catch a good day of sun. The woman adamantly demanded a family photo. Too bad the moment was spoiled by an untimely wave which swept them away.


Please Stay Behind The Bannister

Remember kids, do not sit on the banister. Your balance will not be the same when you get older. This guy forgot this fact when he sat on a banister for a photo with his old friend. The man and woman could only look on in disbelief and embarrassment. They knew he was a klutz and prone to moments like this. He narrowly escaped a serious injury. Instead, he will have to settle for a wounded ego.


The Most Magical Place In The Underworld

Next time you go to Disney World, ask for the Underworld Package. It gives you the alternate Disney experience that some guests think is “anti-Disney.” What’s wrong with instilling fear into young guests? Mickey Mouse is a scary concept as is – a giant rodent that not only stands upright but has opposable thumbs so it can put on pants, gloves, and a jacket every morning. We should probably be asking if we have been receiving the Underworld Package since the beginning.


Kiss The Stone

Legend has it that the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle in Ireland has magical powers. Those who kiss the stone are granted with the gift of gab. Unfortunately for its guests, kissing the stone requires pulling a reverse Jack-and-Rose. Without someone else holding on to you so you can reach the lucky stone, you will be saying “I’m flying, Jack,” as gravity takes its course. Your reward for holding on tight? Locking lips with a centuries-old stone and the millions that have kissed it before.


Ladies Liberty

Passing boats might wonder: are these people tourists? Do their cameras give it away, or is it perhaps how they are all staring at the Statue of Liberty? This family trip to New York is going so well that everyone enthusiastically put their Lady Liberty foam crown on before they reached the real deal. They should probably learn how email works. That way one person can take a photo and send it to the rest of the family.


Does It Look Like I’m Holding It Up?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an architectural wonder. It defies the physics of modern buildings. If you ever thought that your aunt was actually holding the tower up on her recent trip to Italy, here is the proof that she was a fraud. Clearly, she plotted a ruse to make you think that she was that strong. When she starts bragging at Thanksgiving, now you have the proof to shut her down.


Just Got Back From Paris

Stacie had such an amazing vacation in Paris that should could not wait to post the photos on Facebook. Her favorite part was undoubtedly seeing the Eiffel Tower. For years, she begged her parents to take her to the historic landmark, but they fended off all of her tears. Finally, the day came – Stacie was going to visit France. She prepared her pose for the moment. Unfortunately, she forgot to bring part of her body for the photo.


Tourism Capital Of The World

It is like grandpa used to say, “There’s no better place to vacation than South Dakota.” Vacation with this family is always a blast. Just look how excited they are to be in the “Swinged Cat State.” Excitement on the ride was bubbling over, and they just needed to take a photo. At least the youngest child is enjoying herself. Little did they know that their family photo would become the model for signal strength bars on cell phones.


Ambitionz As A Rydah

Hidden deep in California state law is the statute that claims all visitors to the state must return home with a piece of the late rapper Tupac Shakur or be subject to a fine. This woman perhaps thought it was hilarious how close her last name was to the hip-hop icon’s. With the threat of a fine looming, she decided a tattoo would meet the requirement. Now she can show all of her friends about the meaning of California love.


Wave That Flag

At some point between 1965 and 1980, this family took a trip they would never forget.  The little one’s birthday was right around the corner, as was July 4th. To celebrate her and America’s birthdays, they decided a trip to the Catskills would be a perfect choice. They could stay in a cabin and feel outdoorsy for a week. Too bad Papa made everyone wear the same thing for Independence Day. Now, none of his children have any chance of meeting someone at the resort ball.


No Thanks, I Got This

Traveling alone can either be an eye-opening or nerve-wracking experience. This lady had her vacation planned for months and was not going to let her husband’s case of the flu keep her from going on the adventure of a lifetime. Her hotels, flights, and excursions were already booked. She packed her bag and said, “Sayonara, honey. Hope you feel better,” before heading to the airport. With her selfie stick in hand, she could take plenty of photos to rub it in his face.


Fear Of Flipper

This little lady had never been to the zoo before. She loved reading about different animals in picture books and loved watching Flipper reruns with her parents. It only made sense that a day at the zoo would be a dream come true. Her parents thought it would be cute to snag a photo with her and her aquatic pal. When it came time to “say cheese,” Danielle the dolphin’s smile caused this reaction. She’ll probably not be interested in those Flipper reruns anymore.


The Multitasking Man

During any vacation, exercise is prone to become a casualty. Taking time out of the day to workout can cut short your time at various landmarks or cut into your tanning time. Although not keen on regular exercise, he could not stand to go through his day without a good stretch. Life would be much simpler if we could multitask as well as him. Now, his muscles will stay limber, and his photo collection will remain up to date.


A Magical Vacation Of Sadness

Walt Disney could never have imagined that his Magic Kingdom could be such a place of joy to so many people for so many years. Just look at how excited this family is to be at Disney World. They thought that the kids would have the time of their lives, but they forgot to get the FastPass with their tickets. After hours-long waits for both Splash Mountain and the teacups, they have sworn off Disney for years to come.

a98827_The Happiest Place On Earth.. not quite

You’re On Candid Camera

Sometimes you just really need to catch that moment at a precise angle. He was on the move, but that did not stop him from an impromptu photo shoot. Little did he realize that he was the subject of another shoot, nor did he realize that his sweater was a bit short when he left the house this morning. Perhaps he has an extra hoodie in his bag that he can throw on to cover his exposed tummy.


Hangin’ Around

The knew better than to steal his father’s chicken fingers. When he eats too many, he gets sick and ruins the fun for everyone. Dad had no intention of letting him spoil their boys trip. Of course, he tried to snag a finger at the end of the meal, and dad decided some humiliation was in the cards. Right before they left for a fishing trip, dad thought it would be funny to dangle him above the ground by his lifejacket. He learned his lesson.

Do Not Touch The Wildlife

She thought she had a handle on the situation. She grew up near a reptile house as a child and loved to play with the various lizards. The handler would occasionally let her pet the crocodiles, but she could never do it on her own. Why she thought she could handle a baby crocodile is a mystery, but now she knows the consequence of playing with sharp-toothed animals. A few stitched, a bandage, and some Neosporin should be able to fix that wound.


The Real Tour Of America

No family trip is really complete without walking along the side of the highway. It is the easiest way to see how the locals live.  This couple love a casual stroll on the highway in every city they visit. It brings them back to their hitchhiking days between New York and San Francisco. No feeling compares to the feeling of the gravel beneath your feet as cars whizz by. One day they will get their kids to join them on this bizarre day trip.


Hey Is For Horses

He thought he was a clever kid and could get away with anything he wanted. On a family trip to the drive-thru zoo, he got a taste of his own medicine. He was known for trying to surprise people by jumping out from behind corners and screaming. As the family Jeep rolled passed a group of horses, he briefly looked away to antagonize his sister. When he turned back towards the window, he got a face full of horse thanks to an open window.


The Leader Of Love

This couple were having such a great time on their honeymoon to Jamaica. The young lovers hoped to capture their budding love at every moment possible. During a daytime horseback ride through the waters of the Caribbean, they asked a kind man to take their photo. It was not till after did they realize that their “driver” was also in the picture. Don’t be alarmed; he is not struggling for air, rather struggling to hold back his emotions watching these love birds.


Distance Grows The Heart Fonder

It must be tough for a father to tell his kids to smile and look at the camera when mom is almost out of the frame. What made her decide against standing with her family? If they were trying to show some depth with the photo, they really failed with their stacking. Dad, on the other hand, is way too calm about the overactive child on his back. The baby looks ready to jump at any moment.


Smile For The Camera And The EMTs

There is so much to unpack in this photo, that the this girls weekend is probably the fourth most important thing here. The family seem to be having way more fun than the two boys hovering over the trash can. Whatever medical emergency occurred in the area, the boys could not handle it. Additionally, why is that one man wearing a tropical-print scarf and pants on what is clearly a summer day?

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 1.20.08 PM

Chillin’ With The Family

Every family vacation that does not end in an ice pick-wielding photo is a missed opportunity. Just ask this smiling clan. They all look so happy, even Barry the Bear in the back. They woke him up from hibernation for the trip, and he has not eaten any of human siblings yet. It’s an incredible feat for them to welcome not one but two polar bears into their family. After years of tropical vacations, they found a destination that everyone could enjoy.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 1.21.45 PM

Jump Up And Get Down

“Let’s hold hands and jump for the camera,” said the eldest child. “My friends and I do it all the time.” After a slight hesitation, mom and dad decided it could be a fun photo for their family. They counted to three before jumping, and as they took off, they lost their little lady. Mom scolded dad for not holding on tighter, but she did not mind. She thought it was fun. For the next hour, she repeatedly jumped and fell.

Express Yourself

Mom worked so hard to get the kids to sit still for the photo. Her eldest hated wearing her onesie, and the little boy hated taking pictures. It was a lose-lose situation, but, finally, after begging and bribing the kids, mom got the posed pajama onesie family photo she had hoped for. That is until dad decided to sneak into the picture. Even though he had no onesie, he was bitter about being left out. With quick feet, he snuck in and out in a flash.


It’s A Bull Market Out There

There a saying, “you can get a good look at a T-bone steak by sticking your head up a bull’s butt, but I’d rather take the butcher’s word for it.” This guy did not like what the butcher had to say. He heard rumors about iron bulls and had to see for himself. Someone once told him that bull statues contain the same biological parts as living bulls. He is studying to be a zoologist and had to quash the rumors.


Mexico Mania

Unfortunately, this family vacation budget was cut due to mom’s birthday blowout. Instead of the annual trip to Cancun, they settled for a Mexican themed party in Texas. To make up for the lost vacation, mom got both her daughters the snazziest sombreros and fanny packs that she could find. They could show off their hats and store anything they wanted at the same time. This photo was taken at the end of the night when both children had had enough.


Head Strong

The thing that kept them together was always their mismatching body shapes. She lost her head years ago, and her body yearned for a head to remind her of the good days. He lost his body in a fishing accident and hoped to find somebody that could comfort him. He was rolling around and bumped into her wandering body on the beach. They have not left each other’s side since. He is always looking out for her now.


A Denim Dynasty

Levi Strauss would be so proud of this family. They single-handedly saved the denim industry with this picture alone. Denim jackets have made a comeback in recent times, but they went above and beyond to save their favorite garment. If you look closely enough, you might be able to see their matching denim socks. Sadly, they could barely enjoy their vacation due to overheating. Their tropical vacation turned into a massive sweat-fest with no one conceding the denim’s role in their misery (not pictured).