Princess Diana’s Darkest Secrets Exposed


Doomed From ‘I do’

The Royal newlyweds’ honeymoon took place on the Royal Yacht Britannia, but it seemed it was anything but perfect with a blazing row happening after Diana spotted Charles wearing cufflinks gifted to him by ex-girlfriend Camilla Parker-Bowles.

diana- honeymoon

Backup Wedding Dress

Princess Diana’s wedding dress was considered one of the most closely guarded secrets in the history of fashion. Co-designer David Emanuel revealed that together with his wife Elizabeth, they created a backup dress incase anyone saw the original sketch for Diana’s dress. When he showed Diana the sketch, he ripped it up immediately after just incase anyone saw. They said “We didn’t try it on Diana. We never even discussed it.” The stunning dress ended up being one of the most iconic moments in fashion.

diana- wedding dress

Not The Academic

Despite having access to some of the most prestigious and excellent education, Diana did not shine academically and found herself struggling in her time at school. After attending a private school in Norfolk and then moving to an all girls boarding school, she later joined her sisters at West Heath Girls’ School in 1973. However, Diana failed her O-level exams twice at school and ended up leaving education when she was 16. Although her intelligence didn’t manifest, her community spirit did and she was awarded because of it.

diana- school

Charles Dated Diana’s Sister

Charles and Diana first met when he was dating her older sister Lady Sarah. In the summer of 1980, they were all guests at a country weekend where Diana watched Charles play polo. When Charles first saw Diana, he could envision her as his future bride, inviting her for a sailing weekend to Cowes aboard the royal yacht Britannia, their relationship blossomed from there. As for Lady Sarah, it was said she gloated that she set them up saying “I introduced them. I’m cupid.”

diana- sister

Diana’s Troubled Mother

Diana’s mother, Frances Ruth Shand Kydd was described as “funny, warm, intelligent and energetic,” but was also described as “certainly complicated”. Diana’s relationship with her mother was up and down with her mother struggling as a result of her unhappy marriage, of which many made comparisons between mother and daughter. Months prior to the Diana’s death, a former butler noted how Frances was heard abusing her daughter about her choice in men after Charles, leading to a bitter rift between, causing them to stop talking altogether.

diana- mother

Diana’s Battle With Bulimia

In 1992, it was revealed that Diana was suffering from a “secret disease” and had been dealing with it since 1981. Diana was battling bulimia as a result of people speaking about her appearance which left her going on a diet. In addition, her eating disorder spiraled downwards when her marital problems were brought to the attention of the media and when her whole life was being controlled, the only thing she could take back was her diet.

diana- bulimia

Charles Cried Before Marrying Diana

It was said that the night before Charles and Diana’s wedding, he stood at the window of Buckingham Palace, watching crowds with tears pouring down his face. The reason for his tears were due to his former girlfriend and mistress, Camilla Parker-Bowles, knowing he wasn’t marrying the right woman from the start. It was also said that Charles felt pressured into marrying Diana and that he only went through with it because Camilla was already married to someone else.

diana- charles wedding

Diana Threw Herself Down Stairs

While pregnant with her first child, William, in 1982, Diana was so desperate to get the attention of her  husband who was still having an affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, that she took drastic measures. Diana admitted to throwing herself down a flight of stairs when pregnant and it was the “horrified” Queen who found her when Charles disregarded her mental well-being, saying that she “was crying wolf”. Diana only realized the severity that she could lose her baby after seeing bruising on her stomach.

diana- stairs

Diana’s Affair

From 1986 until 1991 Diana had an affair with James Hewitt, a former cavalry officer who was madly in love with the princess. Speaking about the affair and how Charles would have felt, considering he know about it, Hewitt stated “I think Charles was probably grateful someone was looking after his wife.” When Hewitt and Diana’s affair ended, he admitted he considered committing suicide and had planned to do it on a journey to France. Had his mother not have joined, he said he would have done it.

diana- hewitt

Diana Confronts Camilla

In a series of tapes released, Diana spoke of how she confronted Camilla Parker Bowles about her affair with Charles. At a birthday party for Camilla’s sister in 1989, Diana said “The voice inside me had said ‘just go for it’.” Diana then confronted her when she was talking to Charles who quickly fled the scene. She then told her “I know what’s going on between you and Charles and I just want you to know that’.”

diana- camilla

Defiant Diana

From the outset when Charles and Diana were brought to the public eye, people realized there was always something unique and special about her and how she was different from the rest of the royal family. This became even more clear in her wedding vows to Charles when Diana refused to say she will “obey” her husband. This decision showed her willfulness and independence and was said to have left the Queen outraged for breaking royal precedent.


Little Junkies

From the outset, Diana always made an effort to ensure that her sons, Harry and William had the most normal upbringing as they possibly could. Even though Diana was constantly on a strict diet and even struggled with bulimia, she requested that her chef snuck her sons unhealthy food at certain times. Diana thought this was an important part of childhood, to enjoy the naughty little things so that they never felt left out or not normal.

diana- junk food

Personal Assistants In the Picture

In 1992, although Charles and Diana had separated, divorce was not yet on the cards for them but she believed that Camilla was the woman Charles loved. However, in 1993, Diana realized there was another woman in the picture and Charles had fallen for personal assistant and sons’ former nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke. Diana wrote in a letter to a friend that she believed Charles wanted to marry her and that she was resentful of Tiggy’s relationship with her two young sons, William and Harry.

diana- tiggy

Diana’s Slip Of The Tongue

In January 1996, newspapers in the UK had named Diana as the source of an untrue rumor that had circulated surrounding Tiggy Legge-Bourke and Charles asserting that she had become pregnant by him and later had an abortion. Apparently, Diana marched up to Tiggy at a party and said “So sorry about the baby” with someone else noting that the Queen overheard and was furious and thus took Tiggy’s side leading her to demand an apology from Diana’s lawyers with the Queen’s permission.

diana- abortion

Diana Withdraws From Public Eye

On December 3rd 1993, Diana made a statement announcing her withdrawal from public life and asked for the opportunity to be able to live away from the media spotlight. Diana stated that although she was aware that her private life would not stay private as long as she was married to Charles, she stated she was “not aware of how overwhelming it would become.” This step was almost cementing her divorce from Charles after being pushed by the Queen.


Divorce Settlement

After three years of separation, a divorce was backed by the Queen, the Prime Minister and Privy Counsellors and after two weeks of talks, Charles agreed to a divorce. In July 1996, the couple agreed the terms on their divorce which was finalized in August 1996. Diana received a lump sum of £17 million as well as  £400,000 a year. However, both parties were prohibited from publicly discussing the inside details of their divorce or married life but Diana was able to keep the name Diana, Princess of Wales.

diana- divorce

A Naughty Mother

In 2017, Prince William and Harry were shown in a documentary discussing their mother and said it was the first time they had done so together. Speaking about her character, Harry stated “She was one of the naughtiest parents. She was our mum. She still is our mum. And of course, as a son I would say this, she was the best mum in the world. She smothered us with love, that’s for sure.” Diana’s boys were the most important part of her and she always maintained that.


The Famous Hair Do

Diana’s signature short hair do came as an experiment by her hairdresser. When hairstylist Sam McKnight first met Diana, she had longer hair so he created a shorter look by tucking her locks under a tiara. McKnight the recalled that Diana then asked him if he had free reign to do what he wanted to her hair, what would he do? McKnight replied to cut it short and she agreed, much to his surprise. Diana kept that hair do for years.

diana- hair

Diana’s Dress Auction

There’s not many people who could raise millions in an auction of dresses but that’s exactly what Diana did. Through her advocacy for AIDS and breast cancer charities, Diana actioned off 79 of her most recognized dresses and raised a whopping $5.76 million in sales. The auction was held at Christies in New York, just two months before her death. It was actually Prince William who suggested she held an auction in order to raise money for her chosen charities.

diana- auction

Harry’s Father?

Diana’s former lover James Hewitt has been subjected to ongoing rumors that he is in fact Prince Harry’s biological father. Many believed that the timeline of Diana’s and James’ relationship meant that he could have been Harry’s father. Furthermore, the biggest clue of all was the fact that Hewitt bared a striking resemblance to Harry with his pale skin and ginger hair. However, Hewitt shot down all rumors saying he was not Harry’s father as he met Diana when Harry was a toddler.


Diana’s Personality Disorder

In 1995, Diana made a revelation in an interview with ‘BBC Panorama’ which appeared to confirm all of the rumors surrounding her mental health and well being. Diana admitted that she had suffered from depression, “rampant bulimia” and had engaged numerous times in the act of self mutilation saying the she had “hurt her arms and legs”. The combination of illnesses she had suffered from led many to believe that she had a borderline personality disorder.

diana-personality disorder

Diana’s Depression

From the beginning of Charles and Diana’s marriage, it was set to fail. The new princess was deeply suffering with her new life. She was recorded stating “I was so depressed, and I was trying to cut my wrists with razor blades. It rained and rained and rained. I came down early (to London) to seek treatment, not because I hated Balmoral, but because I was in such a bad way.” Diana knew she was married to a man who loved someone else.

diana- depression

Diana’s Prophecy

During the inquiry into Diana’s death a letter was published dated in 1993 from Diana to Butler Paul Burrell, it stated “This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous – my husband is planning “an accident” in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy. Camilla is nothing but a decoy, so we are all being used by the man in every sense of the word.” The accuracy appeared eerie.

diana- letter

The Surgeon

After Diana’s divorce from Charles, although she had intended to live her life in private, the media could not get enough of her romantic interests. In 1996, Diana dated British-Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan who many called the “love of her life” as Diana constantly described him as “Mr. Wonderful”. Khan was said to be intensely private and Diana would constantly lie to the press about her relationship in an attempt to keep it under wraps. Their relationship lasted for two years before Diana ended it.

diana- khan

Normality For Harry and William

Diana always instilled humble values into her Prince sons, William and Harry. She wanted them to live as normal a life as possible considering the circumstances they were born into with William a certainty to ascend the throne. Diana regularly took her sons outside the walls of the palace, giving them a taste of the London Underground, taking them to high street shops including grocery stores like Marks & Spencer. To this day, William and Harry have upheld these values inherited from their mother.

diana-william and harry

Diana The Humanitarian

In her duties as a member of the royal family, Diana was passionate about humanitarian work, traveling from schools to animal sanctuaries and even sub-saharan African countries to give aid to HIV/AIDS victims. Diana wanted to rid the stigma of HIV/AIDS stating, “HIV does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it.” She was the first royal to making physical contact with them, despite the Queen’s unsupportive attitude.

diana- hiv

Diana Didn’t Like Her Tiara

It may seem as one of the most exciting parts of being a princess, wearing an exceptional diamond tiara, but Diana felt it was not all it was made out to be. It was revealed that Tiara’s gave Diana headaches and when she was at royal functions, she was in discomfort from it. The huge diamonds in the piece make it incredibly heavy to wear so it was no surprise that it became a burden after a while.

diana- tiara

A Special Timepiece

Diana was constantly seen wearing a specific watch which was a gift from her father. The Cartier timepiece was the Tank Francaise watch and was regularly seen on Diana’s wrist in many different public appearances and official state visits. After Diana’s death, it was William who chose to keep the timepiece as a memento of his mother. Interestingly, since Diana, both William, Harry and Kate all wear Cartier watches as a reminder of their late mother.

diana- cartier

Living Quarters

Just six months after her separation from Prince Charles, it was revealed that Diana sent a letter to her brother, Earl Spencer, asking for a home on the family’s private estate. Her brother rejected her request who allegedly feared her presence and thought it would cause too much disruption to his family. When he rejected her request, it was said that it caused a rift between the two and Diana went on to live in Kensington Palace up until her death in 1997.

diana- home

Diana Sent Death Threats

It was recently revealed that during Camilla’s affair with Charles, Diana’s paranoia consumed her and she reportedly acted irrationally in some situations. It was said that at one point, Diana claimed she had “sent someone to kill you” in a late night call to Camilla. She allegedly went on to say that “They’re outside in the garden. Look out of the window; can you see them?” However, the affair never ended and became too much for Diana and Charles to overcome in their marriage.

diana- camilla calls

The Bodyguard

Barry Albert Mannakee was a police officer with the Royal Protection Squad and was assigned as a personal bodyguard to Diana in 1985. It was said that Mannakee soon became Diana’s closest confident and she would regularly turn to him when she was feeling depressed or lonely about her marriage. Due to the close relationship between Diana and Mannakee, many believed the two were having an affair and this was brought to Prince Charles and he was later fired. Suspiciously, two years later he was killed in a motorbike accident.

diana- bodyguard

The Butler Speaks

Paul Burrell was Diana’s personal butler and was incredibly close to the Princess and the royal family. After Diana’s death, Burrell was a witness in the inquest into Diana’s death and stated that he had secretly approached a Catholic priest about a marriage between Diana and heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan and rubbished rumors that she was just about to announce her engagement to Dodi Fayed. Burrell also said how William and Harry no longer speak to him despite their close relationship.

diana- burrell

William and Harry Didn’t Protect Diana

In an admission after her death, William and Harry confessed that they feel they let their mother down as they didn’t protect her from the media or the public scrutiny when her name was splashed all over the press and her character was assassinated. William said “We couldn’t protect her. We feel we at least owe her 20 years on to stand up for her name and remind everybody of the character and person that she was. Do our duties as sons in protecting her.”

diana- william harry

Romance With Dodi

Diana started her romance with Dodi Fayed, eldest son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed just one month after her relationship with Hasnat Khan ended. Diana was being positive about her divorce and her new relationship with Dodi and he invited her to his villa in St. Tropez along with sons William and Harry. However, her sons went and spent their summer with their father at the Queen’s Scottish estate in Balmoral, so Diana ended up going alone.


Diana Loved Normality

After being confined to a palace for so many years, Diana appreciated the little aspects of everyday life that normal people take for granted. Her surgeon lover, Hasnat Khan, revealed that “we once went to the pub together and Diana asked if she could order the drinks because she had never done so before. She really enjoyed the experience and chatted away happily to the barman.” He also revealed she loved standing in queue’s because she was able to meet so many new people.

diana- normality

Pursuing Paparazzi

Initially, Diana and Dodi were happy for the paparazzi to show their new love. However, this quickly changed after constant pursuing of the couple with Diana stating in an audio tape, “I can’t go out to lunch. I certainly don’t go out in the evenings. I hide out in the back of cars to get out. I don’t want to be in the newspapers. And I’m not interested in, ‘Is it nice or not?’ I don’t care. I don’t care about it. It is desperate, hunting the whole time.”

diana- paparazzi

The Secret Ring

On their trip in the South of France, Diana was gifted with an $13,000 Bulgari yellow diamond ring by Dodi. With many speculating that the ring was a proposal, former butler Paul Burrell revealed that it was not. He said that although Diana was wearing the ring when she died, she told Paul about it in a phone call two days prior asserting that it was not an engagement ring and agreed with Paul not to wear the ring on her engagement finger to stop rumors.

diana- ring

Drunk Driver

On the fateful night of August 31st 1997, Diana and Dodi were riding in the back of a chauffeur driven car in a Paris tunnel when the driver lost control after trying to escape paparazzi, spinning the car into a wall, killing the couple on impact. After an investigation, it was concluded that the driver, was traveling at speeds of 120 mph when the speed limit was only 31 mph and he lost control as a result of alcohol intoxication.

diana- crash

Royals Brushed Over Diana’s Death

In the immediate hours after Diana’s death, the royal family made the decision not to break protocol and continue with everyday life which included attending Sunday mass at Balmoral with no mention of Diana and it was said that everything was so tame to the point that William and Harry were asking questions if their mother had actually died. The Queen ordered that all TV’s and radio’s be removed from Balmoral to protect William and Harry from the news.

diana- death

Diana Cries For Dodi

As the sole survivor of the crash, Diana’s former bodyguard Trevor Rees recalled the immediate events following the crash, saying “I remember hearing somebody moaning and the name Dodi being muttered but I don’t know if it was once or several times. I concluded it was Princess Diana.” His comments came as an act of defiance to stop the rumored conspiracies of the crash, specifically that Diana and Dodi were murdered by MI6.

diana- bodyguard crash

Diana’s Brother Attacks Royals

In an incredibly emotional and heartfelt eulogy at Diana’s funeral, her brother, Earl Spencer promised to protect and guide his nephews William and Harry, his “blood family” and then attacked the royals from removing the HRH from Diana’s name after her divorce from Charles. Spencer stated she “needed no royal title to generate her particular brand of magic”. The royals were furious at Spencer’s inflammatory eulogy as they were said to not have protected the boys, even making them walk behind their mothers casket.

diana- funeral

Charles Shuns Diana’s Grave

It was revealed that since Diana’s death in 1997, Charles has not been to visit her grave since the burial ceremony in the grounds of her family’s estate, Althorp Park. Earl Spencer said of Charles’ decision “He recently said he wanted to draw a line under the whole episode and let Diana rest in peace and maybe he views him not going there as helping that process.” Charles and Diana’s marriage and divorce were both bitter experiences which may have prevented him from grieving.

diana- charles

Queen Thankful For Diana

Right before Diana’s death, the royals had had enough of her outspoken nature and a turbulent, failed marriage which almost brought the monarchy to it’s knees. However, in 2016, the Queen noted a heart-warming change towards the Princess, saying “Perhaps, after all, we have rather a lot to thank Diana for,” It has been said the Queen now thanks Diana for the way William and Harry have grown up and the effect they have on people is down to Diana’s influence.

diana- queen

Diana Inspires Kate Middleton

Ever since Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011, Kate’s style and personality has been observed to mirror that of Diana’s. From Kate’s engagement photo, wearing Diana’s ring to having an iconic wedding moment, the two Princesses’ styles have been increasingly similar. Moreover, when Kate and William had their first child George, the reveal was almost exactly the same as when Diana gave birth to Prince William. Kate has emulated Diana’s approach of appearing approachable and one of the people.

diana- kate middleton

Suspicious Death

The deaths of Diana and Dodi hurt the world but no one was more angry than Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, who wholeheartedly believed that a plot was hatched by the British secret services to prevent Diana from marrying his son. Throughout the investigation into the accident, Mohamed challenged all evidence which pointed towards the fact the driver, Henri Paul was intoxicated and trying to outrun the paparazzi, way over the speed limit. For the most part, the investigation put false rumors of murder to bed.

diana- mohamad

Camilla and Diana’s Friendship

In new revelations, it was said that Diana and Camilla had a friendship at first with them finding a mutual likening for each other. During their friendship, it seems that Camilla was having a physical relationship with Charles, which Diana knew about but ignored. Once Charles proposed to Diana, Camilla had asked her out to lunch whereby Diana showed off her stunning ring. Despite the fact Charles and Camilla’s relationship had stopped, Diana had hoped her and Camilla would stay friends but was naive.

Diana- camilla friend

Diana Found Camilla’s Bracelet

Prior to the wedding, Charles intended to give gifts to women he had seen and had been special to him. When Diana saw a bracelet for Camilla sitting on the desk, she apparently went into a rage and became increasingly upset, confronting Charles about the bracelet. Rather than telling Diana the truth that he had been seeing Camilla, he lied and told her she would forever be the only one for him. The fact that he didn’t tell the truth left Diana suspicious and jealous.

diana- camilla bracelt

Diana Was Homeschooled

Expectedly, like most children of the same class, Diana was homeschooled. Until the age of 9, she would be privately tutored. After that, she attended Riddleworth Hall, one of the elite preparatory schools in the country. This was finally followed by some time spent at a boarding school. After apparently not being the strongest of students, it probably would have been more beneficial for her had she been privately tutored during the entirety of her formative years.

diana 1

Married In Style

One of the most iconic fashion moments in the monarchy’s history came at Diana’s wedding. It was David and Elizabeth Emanuel who realized the vision for her wedding dress. And the creative process for her dress was completely shrouded in mystery until the day of the wedding. Paparazzi didn’t stand a chance. They sewed 10,000 mother of pearl sequins onto the gown. But probably the most distinctive feature was the stunning, 25-foot-long train, one of the ultimate statements of power ever displayed.

diana 2

Sometimes She Ate With Her Staff

The relationships between royal figures and their staff have always been a point of intrigue to outsiders. But Diana treated her staff differently and wasn’t afraid to. In many ways, she was the “the People’s Princess.” This was apparent more than ever during lunch time. If Diana ever ate alone, she would take her plate to the kitchen and eat in the company of those who prepared her meal. Her own chef said that “the rest of the Royals would never do that.”

diana 3

She Chose Her Engagement Ring From A Catalog

Rings are a big deal, and even more so when it involves the royal family. So the ring has to be perfect, and most would get their band custom designed. But not Diana. She wanted to do things a little differently. She was happy to just look through a catalog and choose the one she liked the most. And although Harry inherited the ring after his mother passed away, he decided to gift the 18-carat sapphire ring to his older brother William.

diana 4

Work Before She Became Princess

Even though it seems surprising that anyone in the Royal family would consider having a job, things have changed in recent years. Nowadays, many members of the Royal family want to work while also maintain their Royal responsibilities. And Diana was no different – she valued the importance of work. Before she became a Princess, Diana actually had experience in a few different trades. She was a teaching assistant at a nursery school, which would have stood in good stead for her future commitments.

diana 5

Married At 20

When Kate Middleton tied the knot with William, she was approaching 30. Diana on the other hand, was 20 when she walked down the aisle. And the reason for her early marriage was simple: Prince Charles was 12 years older than her and was under considerable pressure to get married. This added to the chaotic nature of their relationship. Diana was engaged at the age of 19. So at a young age, she was experiencing a major moment in her life, in front of millions.

diana 6

She Loved Bread And Butter Pudding

When it came to the culinary aspect of Royalty, we imagine that only the best would do. Diana’s personal chef Darren McGrady has been open in the media about some of her favorite dishes that he prepared for her over the years. In his book Eating Royalty can be found Diana’s most beloved dessert, bread and butter pudding. McGrady has commented on Diana’s habit of picking raisins off the top of the sweet dish while he was preparing it for her.

diana 7

Diana’s Best Friend

With Diana struggling in her marriage, she turned to friends as her support system. Her best friend was Lucia Flecha de Lima, the Brazilian diplomat’s wife who stood by her side throughout her divorce from Charles, considering Diana like a daughter. With Diana’s father passed on and having a troubled relationship with her mother, she turned to the diplomats for comfort. Lucia commented “She was one of the family and we came to treat her like our own children, I think it gave her a sense of belonging that she did not have elsewhere.”

diana- flecha

Ballerina Dreams

Like any human being, Royals have passions, dreams, and aspirations. This was no different as far as Diana was concerned. One of the Princess’s greatest loves came in the form of ballet and as a child, she had dreams of becoming a top class ballerina. But unfortunately, Diana was deemed too tall to practice the art at a respectable level. But this didn’t stop her from showing devoted support for the English National Ballet for many years.

diana 8

Her Grandma Was A Royal Servent

Diana is not the first person in her family to have a direct connection to the Royal family. Her Grandmother was actually a lady in waiting to the Queen, serving her for over four decades. Although she was reportedly not so close to Lady Fermoy, who passed away in 1993, Diana was still family to her. It also goes to show how intrinsically connected Diana was with the monarchy, even long before she was born.

diana 9

The Most Charitable Person

It is no secret that philanthropy is common practice for members of the Royal family. But for Diana, it meant so much more. For her, it wasn’t just an obligation, but something she sincerely wanted to do. And she wasn’t one to sit in the background and take credit for indirectly helping others – her charity work was completely hands on. One of the clearest examples of this came when working with AIDs sufferers. Despite the stigmas, Diana would hold their hands, and embrace them with love.

diana 10

Lady Diana Spencer

Before she tied the knot with Prince Charles, Diana was already granted an honorable title, which is something that Kate Middleton can not claim to have. Born Diana Spencer, she was given the title “Lady” after her father was made an Earl. It was only after marrying Charles that she dropped the aforementioned title and became what most recognize her as – Diana, Princess of Wales. And even after getting divorced, the people still referred to her as the Princess.

She Auctioned 79 Dresses

After splitting from Charles, Diana was unsure of what to do with all the Royal dresses she had accumulated over the years. But William suggested that she should donate them to charity, as he recognized how passionate she was about helping others. She ended up raising a staggering $5.76 million for charities aimed at tackling diseases such as AIDs and breast cancer. She sold dresses that she had worn between 1981 and 1996, including the one she wore when she danced with John Travolta.

diana 12

Her Grave Is On An Island

There is no denying that Princess Diana’s death completely shook the world and is considered to be one of the saddest days in recent memory. Her passing affected millions of people who held her so close to their hearts. So much that her funeral was broadcasted on worldwide television for anyone who wished to see the proceedings. The funeral took place at Westminster Abbey. And although she was supposed to be buried next to relatives, she was ultimately buried on her own separate island.

diana 13

Her Secret Sibling

Diana had a loving family, who had the tragic responsibility of having to bury her. But what not many people know is that Diana actually had a secret brother who was born a year before her. Her brother John Spencer, who was named after their father, sadly passed just ten hours after he was born due to extreme deformities. And when they were young, Diana and Charles would often visit her late brother’s grave at Sandringham church.

diana 14

Diana VS. Cindy

It should not come as too much of a surprise that Prince William had a thing for 90s supermodel Cindy Crawford. But he would have had mixed emotions when Diana decided to invite Cindy to Buckingham Palace for some tea. Cindy was also taken aback by the entire experience. “It was a little awkward,” she said. “He was a boy, so I didn’t want to look too trampy. But I didn’t want to look dowdy either. I somehow had to look supermodel for a kid.”

diana 15

Charles Cried Before Marrying Diana

The buzz about the wedding of the decade between Diana and Prince Charles was felt by everyone but the groom. It was said that the night before the wedding, Charles wept about his feelings towards his real love, Camilla. and felt he had been pressured into marrying Diana. The 13-year age gap between the two of them proved too much and the monarchy were growing tired of Charles not having a bride. It seems their marriage was truly set up to fail.

diana- charles wedding cries

The Secret Tapes

Journalist Andrew Morton recently revealed the deal he made with Diana’s friend, James Colthurst, who agreed to record tapes without the awareness of the royal family. Diana was passionate about telling her side of the story and was interviewed by Colthurst through a recorder in his briefcase.

diana- tapes

The Gilbey Calls

The tapes recording the phone calls between Diana and one of her alleged lovers James Gilbey was also known as ‘Squidgygate’. This is because Gilbey kept calling Diana ‘Squidgy’ in the conversations where he gave her an ear to voice her opinions on the royal family and spoke about the “torture” Charles made her life. The tapes were released by The Sun newspaper from two different eavesdroppers, leading the royal family to launch an inquiry into the security breach.