Here Are Some Of The Most Notorious Groupies Of All Time


Behind every great Rock n’ Roll band, there are some ever greater groupies. Hitting the road can be a lonely time, so it makes perfect sense that some of the greatest rock stars had some fun company. Here are some of the most notorious groupies ever.

Carmen Electra

Tara Leigh Patrick, who reinvented herself with the suiting stage name Carmen Electra, was the embodiment of physique perfection in her prime years, which is probably what landed her the prominent role of Lani on Baywatch. The bombshell babe was the subject of desire of many A-list men, but this beauty had an undeniable soft spot for rockstars. Her relationship resume includes legends like Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee, and the famed actress was even said to dip her toe in the music industry with the help of Prince.

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Carmen Electra

Today, Electra is a celebrity in her own right. While her relationship with Dave Navarro, which turned into a walk down the aisle, was highly publicized, Electra has made a name for herself based on her acting skills and gloriously good genes. Her brief stint in the world of music did not land her any significant wins in the industry and her marriage to Dave dissolved shortly after the MTV cameras stopped rolling, but those who crave it, Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave is available online.

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Donna D’Errico

Another Baywatch babe who has a thing for rock stars, Donna D’errico was not only one of the stars in Baywatch, but the beauty was named Playboy Playmate of the Month in 1995. She became the apple of many people’s eye. Motley Crue bassist and songwriter Nikki Sixx found D’errico irresistible and the two married in 1997. D’errico gave birth to the couple’s daughter Frankie Jean in 2000. However, his drug use and subsequent rehab led to a separation and eventually a divorce in 2006.

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Donna D’Errico

After shying away from discussing her divorce and relationship with Nikki Sixx, Donna began openly discussing the truth behind her life with the rock star. Heartbreakingly, Donna discovered that while she was pregnant with her now 16-year-old daughter, her husband had been cheating on her. Not only did the realization take its toll on her health, the fact that no one in the public or the press felt any sympathy for her became too much. She noted that people simply saw her as a groupie.

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Pattie Boyd

Pattie Boyd loved being around rock stars. In fact, she loved them so much that she had separate marriages with two of the greatest guitar players to pick up an ax. She was a model at the time, traveling the world not only for her photoshoots but also to follow her famous lovers on tour. First, she married George Harrison of the Beatles. After their marriage fell apart, she married his best friend Eric Clapton, who was madly in love with her.

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Bianca Jagger

It does not take a genius to figure out to whom Bianca Jagger hitched her ride. Few groupies reached the level of extravagance that Bianca maintained throughout the 70s and 80s. She was known for jet-setting ways and lavish club entrances, making her one of the most known patrons at Studio 54. On one occasion she even entered with a horse. She met Mick in 1970 after one of his shows. They married under a year later while she was pregnant with their daughter Jade, but divorced seven years later.

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Bianca Jagger

Although Bianca and Mick ended their marriage in 1978, Bianca continued to maintain her public image. Between becoming a celebrity in her own right at Studio 54 in New York and an acting career spanning from 1972-1987, she continues to keep herself in the news. These days, she focuses her energy not on following rock stars around but on activism. While Mick dates a ballet dancer, Bianca works on the Council of Europe as a goodwill ambassador and continues to support her Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation.

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Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull was the girl next door who seemed more likely to land a coveted spot at an Ivy League school rather than join a band, but Faithfull was full of faith that she had better things coming her way. Marianne was not about to let her dream of becoming a rockstar/groupie slide by. She basked in the warmth of the spotlight and did a lot more than brush shoulders with the entire band of The Rolling Stones.

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Marianne Faithfull

Marianne’s transition from posh to party girl should have been foreseen – it was in her blood. The quirky lassie was related to Leopold von Sacher – a well-established aristocrat who lived during the 19th century and was highly known for his ability to write. Amongst his many savored pieces of literature was the acclaimed erotic novel, Venus in Furs. It seems as though it was predestined that Marianne would spend her life galavanting with the rich and famous.

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Pamela Anderson

One of the most notorious groupies of more recent times is undoubtedly Pamela Anderson. She’s probably best remembered for her time spent on the beach in the hit TV show Baywatch. However, it’s her life off the camera spent with some of the most controversial rock stars that put her in the headlines. Most notably, her three-year marriage with Motley Crue’s very own, Tommy Lee. But that’s not all, she also ended up with other stars such as Bret Michaels and even Kid Rock.

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Pamela Anderson

Although Pamela Anderson is most known for her role in Baywatch and her pretty public relationships with some of the biggest stars in the business, she is still often remembered for various ‘home movies’ with these rock and roll legends. Yep, Anderson is constantly reminded of the intimate tapes that show her getting up close and personal with two of her previous boyfriends – if you catch our drift. She has also appeared in two rock music videos, which is pretty cool.

Pamela Anderson is still known for her intimate home videos

Bebe Buell

Bebe Buell had everything it took to be the perfect groupie. At one point, she was even a Playboy Bunny! However, her most notable claim to fame was her notorious fling with Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler. She ended up having his daughter – Liv Tyler.

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Anita Pallenberg

When you bring up the term “groupie,” Anita Pallenberg is never far away from the conversation. What separated her from most groupies, though, was her longevity. She spent years getting involved with some of the most recognized names in the world of rock. But the biggest highlight of her career has to be her role in the bust up between Brian Jones and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. She was romantically involved with both of them and the band has never been the same since.

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Tawny Kitaen

Julie Kitaen, better known as Tawny Kitaen, is one of the most unique groupies because she actually didn’t set out to be one. Tawny was much more interested in being a Hollywood star and actually got some pretty impressive roles early on in her career. However, her big break came in the 80’s when she starred in a string of music videos of songs by the rock band Whitesnake. She ended up marrying lead singer David Coverdale. If that’s not a groupie, we don’t know what is…

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Pamela Des Barres

When it came to preparing for her groupie life, Pamela Des Barres had the best inspirations growing up. After listening to the likes of The Beatles and Elvis, to name a few, she was ready to get out there and roll with the best. Eventually, she ended up rocking with iconic rock stars such as Jim Morrison, Jimmy Page, and Keith Moon. Oh, and the best tidbit about her groupie career has to be the fact that she inspired the classic song, “Penny Lane.”

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Pamela Des Barres

It wasn’t just “Penny Lane” that this iconic groupie proved to be the inspiration behind. Pamela Des Barres also heavily inspired the characters in the classic movie, Almost Famous. Her heavy influence on pop culture didn’t stop there. After she retired from her groupie lifestyle, Pamela ended up unleashing all her deepest secrets in her memoir, I’m With the Band. Let’s face it, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what that book was about. Pamela was just the best.

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Sable Starr

You know you’re one of the biggest and baddest groupies ever when you’re being referred to as the Queen of the Groupies. This is what fans and musicians alike used to refer to Sable Starr as, and with good reason. Even before she turned 18 years of age, Starr was working with some of the biggest names in the world of rock. From the young age of 14, she was involved with the likes of Iggy Pop, Rod Stewart, Robert Plant, Mick Jagger and Alice Cooper. The list just goes on and on!

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Sable Starr

Controversially, Sable Starr was considered to be on of leaders of the “baby-groupies.” Naturally, this meant that these girls were a bunch of underage groupies who, although they may not have been successful, tried everything in their power to become a part of the band. Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco Club in California was just one of the classic locations that Sable and the girls would venture to in order to get close to the rock stars. This happened during the 70s, of course.

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Lori Maddox

Often referred to as the ultimate ‘baby groupie,’ Lori Maddox snuck into rock star sensation domain before she could legally drink. In fact, the groupie was short of 13 years-old when cameras started snapping shots of the little femme fatale who reportedly spent the night with the legendary David Bowie. The public loved to hate the young maverick who was also involved with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, probably because after Page, her long list of ex-lovers includes Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

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Lori Maddox

It is hard to recollect those 70’s memories without mentioning the infamous Lori Maddox, although it seemed her luscious lips and curvy frame were not all that gave her the kickstart into the groupie life. Having friends at high places definitely played a card, and her idol-turned-inspiration buddy, Sable Starr, introduced Lori to some of the hottest names in the industry. Sadly, the friends turned to enemies when Maddox learned her very own protege was seeing her ex, Jimmy Page, behind her back.

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Courtney Love

Courtney Love had quite the travel bug in her younger years. After leaving New Zealand for England, she realized her heart was set on the Land of the Free and moved to the United States. It was then that she decided to embark on a musical career, which she did successfully with Faith No More and Babes in Toyland. Seeking a soul similar to hers, Love let loose of all her personal groupies in favor of the one man who stole her heart – Kurt Cobain.

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Bobbie Brown

Crowned as Miss Louisiana Teen USA, named a notable TV personality, and modeling for some of the hottest brands available on Hollywood Boulevard are only some of the rightfully credited titles Bobbie Brown was granted. Once taking a mental note of these personal accomplishments, it’s no surprise that after her “Cherry Pie” music video appearance for the band Warrant, Brown was perceived as an indisputable queen. Brown was a hit and found herself the subject of desire for many of the most sought-after rockstar out there.

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Bobbie Brown

Bobbi Brown was no stranger to the groupie globe, nor did she ever feel as though she was deprived of attention from men. While she was filming the “Cherry Pie” video, Brown met lead vocalist and frontman for Warrant, Jani Lane. The two had chemistry from the start and hit it off almost instantly. It didn’t take long for them to tie the knot, but sadly, they announced their split only two years later. Bobbi, however, had a relatively easy time bouncing back in the arms of Tommy Lee.

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Erin Everly

Bands like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Motley Crue were known for their groupies, but we cannot forget Guns N’ Roses. Frontman Axl Rose is one of the most talented singers in rock history, helping to make Guns N’ Roses into one of the biggest bands in the world. On April 28, 1990, he married his longtime, groupie girlfriend, Erin Everly. Everly helped inspire two of the biggest tracks in GNR history: “Sweet Child of Mine” and “November Rain”. Their tumultuous marriage ended a few years later.

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Chris O’Dell

Chris O’Dell left her small-town life in Tuscon, Arizona after a chance meeting with a Beatles’ PR guy in Los Angeles. She got a job at Apple headquarters in London and embarked on a historic life as a groupie. Now that she had an in with the Beatles, she quickly became part of the inner circle. Eventually, she had formed relationships with the Fab Four, including a four-month stay at George Harrison’s home rebuffing his advances. He wrote “Miss O’Dell” about her.

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Chris O’Dell

Following her time with the Beatles, she joined the other biggest band in the world, the Rolling Stones. For a music fanatic, she caught them at the perfect time. She came on to work on their PR team during their infamous 1972 tour. This led to relationships with multiple band members. O’Dell was hired by Bob Dylan to be his tour manager after the Stones. He would ask her for everything from sewing on his buttons to getting intimate with him.

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Tura Satana

Generations of groupies can thank Tura Satana for her work as one of the first groupies. She is considered one of the catalysts behind the growth of the groupie movement. Satana moved to the United States after World War II and started an acting career in the 1960s. Tura is best known for her relationship with the King himself, Elvis Presley. She saw him play at the Follies Theater in Chicago and they began a relationship. Elvis asked her to marry him, but she said no.

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Cleo Odzer

Cleo Odzer’s story is out of any story about New York’s hippie culture. She began writing about the local music scene for a Greenwich Village newspaper. Eventually, she started relationships with the bands she covered and followed them around the city. Odzer became extra close with Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. They were engaged until she broke off the engagement after seeing her photo in Time Magazine in which they described her as a “Super Groupie.”

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Brandi Brandt

Years prior to meeting Donna D’Errico, Nikki Sixx turned his attention to brunette bombshell Brandi Brandt. Despite the fact that Brandi was considered a rockstar in her own right, being the drummer for American Girls, she was widely accepted as being a groupie. In addition, she was an actress, a model and a Playboy Bunny, even having the honor of being the star in Aerosmith’s “Love in an Elevator” music video. Nikki and Brandi got married in 1989 but later divorced in 1996.

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Connie Hamzy

Connie Hamzy was commonly known as “Sweet Connie” among the groupies due to her ‘nice girl’ image. Everyone loves a good girl, especially rockstars and Connie quickly became a favorite of huge stars including John Bonham, Alice Cooper, and Keith Moon. Not only did Connie make her mark on rockstars in the personal sense, she also inspired a number of them to pen songs about her. In Grand Funk Railroad’s song, “We’re an All American Band” the rockers sing her name loud and proud.

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Kendra Jade

While many groupies are fully aware of what they are doing, Kendra Jade found herself in the groupie circle by pure coincidence. Jade had dreams of being a burlesque performer and in her early 20’s, made the dream happen by traveling to California. It is no surprise that her mesmerizing performances caught the eyes of many rockstars, but this beauty only had eyes for one of them. Kendra fell in love with Lukas Rossi and after tying the knot in 2007, they couldn’t be more in love.

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Josie Stevens

Steve Steven’s wife Josie is much more than your average groupie. Josie used her newfound fame to propel her name and profile to stardom, taking on everything from being a Playboy Bunny, a model, and makeup artist, to being a clothing designer. However, her best role and most important role of all is managing her husband Steve’s career. Josie proved that groupies are much smarter than you’d think, encouraging the new wave of groupies to turn their names into a business.

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Heather Locklear

Most people will recognize Heather Locklear as one of the most successful actresses of the 90’s, appearing in hit shows including Melrose Place, Spin City, and Dynasty. Heather, however, is not exempt from being considered a groupie and the actress had her fair share of rockstar encounters. Locklear would shamelessly follow some of the biggest rock bands on their tours in the hope of hooking up with them. Her determination paid off and she managed to win the heart Tommy Lee, who she later married in 1986.

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Audrey Hamilton

Audrey Hamilton was one of those groupies who would shout it loud and proud, enjoying every minute of being photographed with some of the best rockstars of all time. Hamilton was regularly seen making her way on to tour buses and hanging out in singers’ hotels. Luckily, the musicians took a likening to Hamilton too and she solely dated Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin for years in the 70’s before moving on to Ace Frehley from Kiss thereafter.

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Kathleen Dorritie

Kathleen Dorritie was most commonly known as Cherry Vanilla within the groupie and rockstar circles. Kathleen’s profile skyrocketed when she became David Bowie’s publicist, but being on the business side of things was not exactly what she wanted. After becoming increasingly close with Bowie, Kathleen was more than just his publicist, she became a regular in rockstar circles and everyone knew her name. Kathleen’s most notable fling was with John Lennon and her admiration for the best didn’t stop there, as Kathleen was a big fan of Andy Warhol, too.

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Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith was a hugely influential groupie back in the day, and had her way with countless rock stars and musicians – who felt compelled to write songs about her, both good and bad. Over the course of her career, bands and musicians such as The Band and Gordon Lightfoot wrote songs that were either inspired or dedicated to Cathy Smith, after their relations together. Smith dated Lightfoot for many months until his rockstar lifestyle proved too much for Smith.

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Cynthia Albritton

Cynthia Albritton had an interesting reputation as a groupie. She wasn’t just another fan following around the band. Her nickname, Cynthia Plaster-Caster shows that she had a lot more to bring to the table than her undying love. Cynthia managed to have such a personal relationship with the objects of her affection that she would make plaster casts of their intimate areas, which she would then either gift back to her models or sell to other fans. Her first customer happened to be Jimi Hendrix.

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Cynthia Albritton

While one would think that Cynthia’s hobby of casting private parts would have put off rock stars, in the 60s and 70s, it fit with the prevailing attitude among rock stars. Men soon began vying for her affections, as the weird hobby made her extremely cool. Her reputation preceded her, and other rock stars took used her art as inspiration for their music, most notably the Kiss song, “Plaster Caster.” When Cynthia received photoshoot requests, the photographers would usually add that she bring her casts with her.

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Roxana Shirazi

Roxana Shirazi is a Persian born woman who had been raised in England after fleeing Iran as a child. In order to pay the bills, Roxana turned to belly dancing in order to earn cash. Many of the clubs in which she was dancing were frequented by the rock stars she loved, which gave her the chance to get cozy with them. She would eventually follow a number of bands, and even pursued some sort of relationship with them, including members of the bands Guns N’Roses and Black Cherry.

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Nancy Spungen

In the course of her short and tragic life, Nancy Spungen still managed to worm her way into the intimacy of a number of bands. Spungen suffered from mental illnesses, and was often without money. When she was 15, she moved from the United States to London in search of a fresh start, but ended up working as an escort, who managed to become intimate with bands like Aerosmith, The Ramones, and The New York Dolls, but her life ended at 20 when she was stabbed to death.

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It’s generally accepted that most groupies tend to be females, but that doesn’t mean male groupies don’t exist. Pleather happens to be one of them. Though he was often considered a controversial figure in the music world during the 1980s and 1990s, as his motivation for following musicians around were often called into question, he continued to trail a number of female rock stars. Some of his favorite acts to follow were the women of The Bangles and Courtney Love.

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Uschi Obermaier

Most of the people who follow bands around are somewhat removed from local politics, but not Uschi Overmaier. Hailing from Berlin, she wormed her way into the inner circles of such rock stars as Mick Jagger, the late, great Jimi Hendrix, and Keith Richards. Galavanting with rock stars could only fulfill Uschi so much, and she eventually left the life of glory for one of political protest when she joined Kommune 1. The commune was a organized by a group of students who opposed the German middle-class structure.

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Silky Gage

Silky Gage marched to the beat of her own drum, eschewing the company of male rock stars in favor of one musician in particular. She was nearly inseparable from Lotti Golden, though it is often thought that the two women may simply have been best friends. Given the general nature of rock stars and their groupies, it’s hard for other to accept that they may not have been lovers. Regardless, Silky often inspired Lotti’s work, which include the song titled, “Silky Is Sad.”

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Annette Walter-Lax

Annette Walter-Lax was one of many women who enjoyed a relationship with the second drummer for The Who, Keith Moon. Walter-Lax’s relationship went even deeper than most groupies’ had, as she was the last one to see the tortured rock star before he passed away. Allegedly, Moon had requested that Walter-Lax prepare him a meal one night, but she wouldn’t do it, telling him to get lost in so many words. Shortly afterwards, he suffered an overdose and died.

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Courtney Love

Courtney Love may be better known as a rock star in her own right, as she was the lead singer of the band Hole, but before that she was also a well-known groupie. Courtney couldn’t get enough of rock stars with real skills, most famously marrying Kurt Cobain who had fronted Nirvana before his untimely death. Cobain wasn’t the only object of her affection however, as she was also intimate with stars that include Michael Stipe of REM and Billy Corgan.

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