Reality Star Kim Zolciak Proves She’s More Than Just A Housewife


Lavish Life

When Kim joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2008, all we knew was that she was a single mother of two daughters, living a lavish life in Atlanta. Kim and her girls were supported by a mystery man, but Kim never disclosed his identity, how they met or how he was a part of her life. Fans were confused with Kim’s opulent lifestyle.

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Photoshop Frenzy

Like many reality stars, Kim is often posting risqué pictures of herself on social media accounts. Posing in bathing suits or figure hugging clothing, Kim’s body and face always looks preened to perfection, but many have pointed out that this could be from photoshopping, instead of hours of work in the gym and in the glam room. Although the reality star has defended herself numerous times over the accusations, there does seem to be a significant difference in her paparazzi pictures to her Instagram selfies.

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Traditional Beginnings

Kim Zolciak-Biermann can be considered anything but traditional. Her outrageous behavior and comments have landed her in hot water on many occasions but Kim did not grow up having a loose tongue. Although she generally stays silent about her childhood and her family, it is thought that she was brought up in a strict, devout Catholic household, attending church every week. Perhaps the traditional nature of her childhood made her turn against it in her adult life.



Kim and NeNe’s return to the Real Housewives of Atlanta was sure to be dramatic but the two went in head first. After Kim’s daughter Brielle posted a Snapchat video of a cockroach in NeNe’s home, the latter put the 20-year-old on blast calling her out for making it up. Never one to back down, Kim chimed in and defended her daughter saying that NeNe released the footage, not Brielle. After a war of words, NeNe branded Brielle “racist trash” and Kim a “trashy mom.”


Staying Strong

After staying silent about her past for a long time, Kim took to Instagram recently to reflect on her years of being a single mom. She admitted she was scared out of her mind but persevered. She wrote, “To every single mother in this world I know it’s not easy quite frankly I don’t know how I did it, but keep believing and achieving! Dreams do come true!! Nobody could stop me from achieving my dreams and nobody can stop you! STAY STRONG!”

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Kash’s Close Call

In April, 2017 Kim took to her Instagram to inform fans of her son Kash’s near fatal incident. She wrote, “I don’t know where to start. The last 14 hrs of our lives has been a living nightmare. My sweet @kashbiermann was bit by a dog and had very traumatic injuries. I’ve never prayed so hard, or been so scared in my life.” After hours in the operating theatre, Kash’s condition became stable and he was able to go home.


Country Star

Kim’s position as a Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member led her into taking on a number of different ventures outside of the show. However, everyone was taken by surprise when Kim decided to embark on a country music singing career. She recorded songs including “Tardy for the Party” and “Love Me First” which were an unexpected hit with her fans. Nevertheless, the new hobby was short-lived and Kim quickly gave up on singing, returning to her roots of reality TV and endorsements.

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90-Day Marriage

From September 2001 until February 2003, Kim was married to Daniel Toce, the father of her daughter Ariana. In fact, the two were only married for 90 days and the months following were plagued with a bitter divorce battle. They moved to Atlanta when Kim was pregnant with Ariana due to Toce’s new job and decided to tie the knot on the beach in Destin, Florida. However, it was reported that the marriage broke down after Kim discovered that Toce was allegedly cheating on her.

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Compensating The Housewife

Being an original cast member on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim managed to negotiate a lucrative salary for appearing on the show. Zolciak was often seen stirring the pot and bringing the drama, and producers did not want to lose her. As a result, Kim was said to have been making $600,000 per episode on the show before her abrupt departure in season 5. Her salary was said to have been considerably more than her co-stars, resulting in the warring of women on the show.

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Meeting Kroy

In 2010, Kim was at the Dancing with Atlanta Stars charity event when she met her future husband, Atlanta Falcons NFL star Kroy Biermann. The entire encounter between Kim and Kroy was caught on camera which saw Kim gushing over Kroy’s masculine physique. The couple fell madly in love and the following year in 2011, they tied the knot at their Roswell, Georgia home. Upon becoming man and wife, Kroy made the decision to adopt Kim’s daughters Brielle and Ariana from her previous relationships.


Housewives Lawsuits

Kim’s release of “Tardy For The Party” resulted in a legal battle. While Kandi Burruss, Zolciak, Brandon Joel Bowles, and Darnell Richard wrote the song, Kim insisted that her daughter Brielle penned the original lyrics at nine-years-old. However, Burruss claimed that Kim withheld payment for her production services for the single and the argument was played out on the real housewives. In addition, in 2013, Burruss added to the lawsuit that Kim made profit “without [the] plaintiffs’ authorization, license or consent.” The lawsuit was later dismissed.

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Biermann Brood

After meeting Kroy, the couple wasted no time in expanding their family. In 2011, they welcomed their first son together, Kroy Jagger ‘KJ’, followed by Kade in 2012 and finally had twins in 2013, a girl named Kaia Rose and a boy named Kane Ren. Following this, Kim’s daughters Brielle and Ariana changed their last names to Biermann after Kroy adopted them, making them a tight knit family. Kim said of her husband, “I don’t know if I could love anybody else’s children as much as Kroy loves the girls.”

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NeNe Vs. Kim

In the first couple seasons of Real Housewives, Kim and Housewives co-star NeNe Leakes were the best of friends and completely inseparable. They would often help one another with their children and would have each other’s backs in housewives catfights. However, everything changed when NeNe moved to Hollywood to pursue her career in acting, leading the best friends to turn to enemies. The arguments between the former housewives escalated and the two were later seen hurling insults at each other over social media.


Switching Teams

Prior to meeting Kroy in 2010, Kim came out as bisexual and admitted she had a relationship with DJ Tracy Young. In her coming out interview Kim admitted the relationship saying, “Tracy made the first move. Our first kiss was passionate and exciting.” However, when things broke off, it got messy and Kim began denying the extent of their relationship. In response to this, Young broke her silence and admitted how they spent months together, going on vacation and spending time with Kim’s daughters.


Big Poppa

After keeping quiet about how she lived her lavish lifestyle when appearing on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim later discussed the identity of the man who showered her with luxury gifts. While he never appeared on the Real Housewives, ‘Big Poppa’ was often mentioned in seasons one and two. However, his identity was later revealed as Lee Najjar, a wealthy real estate developer who was reportedly still married while he was having a relationship with Kim.

kim-big poppa

Don’t Be Tardy

After Kim and Kroy agreed to film their wedding and the events following up to it on a show entitled Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding, the success led the Biermann’s to sign for their own reality series. The second series Don’t Be Tardy premiered in 2013 and filmed the day to day lives of the family, including Kim’s pregnancies and their kid’s growing up. The success of the show was overt and has had six seasons to date.


Endorsement Queen

Kim Zolciak has never been one to turn down an endorsement opportunity and she if often seen promoting products on her Instagram. With one Instagram post plugging a product giving Kim checks for thousands of dollars, she is notorious for her shameless plugging. Kim has endorsed everything from surgeons, protein shakes, teeth whitening and waist trainers to Coca-Cola and kids clothing. The amount of sponsored posts have allowed Kim to significantly increase her income and become a businesswoman.

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Wigging Out

Kim Zolciak has never been shy in talking about her love of wigs. She explained that wearing them is easy, saying “My hairdresser Nikki can curl it on a mannequin or braid it or do whatever and just put it on my head and I’m out the door.” It can also be noted that Kim does have a full head of thick blonde hair that looks exactly like the wig, but purely for convenience she covers it with the removable hair.


Like Mother, Like Daughter

Kim came under scrutiny when it was reported that her 19-year-old daughter Brielle was having lip injections, just like her mother. When Kim was asked about it, she said, “First of all, she’s almost 20, so talk to her. And then, why not? Shoot it up!” “I’ve heard her complain about her lips since she came out of the womb, honestly. And she said, ‘I’m doing it, I was like, ‘I’m going to take you to the best.”


Call The Staff

Although she is a mother of six, Kim can’t claim that she deals with her family and her household alone. The reality star employs a team of people to take care of her children, her pets, her families daily meals and of course she has her all important glam squad. With a 17,000 square foot house, we’re sure she could do with the extra hands keeping everything running smoothly. However, things got a bit awkward when her teenage daughter took a liking to the pool boy!

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Biermann’s A Free Agent

With Kroy having spent his entire NFL career as an outside linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons, it came as a shock to the whole family when he was released in 2015. After a short stint with the Buffalo Bills, Kroy ended up on the market once again. Kim however, was more optimistic and said, “I definitely enjoy him being home for sure. When he’s not home, the kids are like, ‘Hahaha, Mommy!’ I’m definitely not the disciplinarian.”

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Housewives Spinoff

Back when Kim and NeNe Leakes were the best of friends, TV network Bravo wanted to give them their own spinoff show. The show was entitled NeNe and Kim: The Road to Riches but the two frenemies couldn’t work things out due to their past. Sources stated that Kim and NeNe “couldn’t get on the same page” and they cancelled production for the show “due to scheduling issues.” Nevertheless, Kim was busy filming for Don’t Be Tardy while NeNe was working on a sitcom.


Zolciak-Biermann The Businesswoman

In addition to her lucrative endorsement deals, Kim used her position and fan base to build a business brand. She recognized that her TV career wouldn’t be forever so wanted to support her family in other ways. The company, called Kashmere Kollection is a luxury skincare brand and Kim said she wanted it to be a long-lasting business plan, competing with the likes of Estee Lauder. She said, “I want this to be an empire for me and for my family.”


Dancing Controversy

In 2015, Kim was taking part in Dancing With The Stars when she was struck with a mini stroke. She said of the event “It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my whole life.” Kim was forced to pull out of the competition with doctor and lawyers confirming that they would not sign her off to continued on, no matter how many people petitioned for her to go back on the show. While there was talk of a return the following year, it never happened.


Family Money

Kim has always been a protective mother who wants the best for her children so of course negotiated lucrative deals for the whole family. For Don’t Be Tardy, Kim was reported to be making $80,000 per episode which amounts to $960,000 a season, Kroy was making $240,000 a season while eldest daughter Brielle negotiated her own contract when she turned 18 and was given $7,500 per episode. Kim has been particularly vocal about worrying that her family money will dry up eventually.


Misbehaving Witness

When Kim was just 17-years-old, she was interviewed as a material witness in a criminal investigation. However, things took a turn with the 49-year-old Windsor Locks police sergeant who was interviewing her and they began having an affair. However, when the secret relationship came to light, the sergeant was suspended for 45-days. Two years after the affair, the sergeant retired and stayed silent, but the details of the situation weren’t released to the press for years into Kim’s TV career.


Changing Faces

Kim’s appearance has changed a considerable amount over the years, leading many to question how much plastic surgery she has had done. Finally she admitted to Real Housewives creator Andy Cohen “I’ve done my lips, I’ve been getting Botox since I was young, for migraines initially and now it’s the obvious reason. I’ve had my boobs done. I fixed my hernia and had a tummy tuck at the same time, you know, it’s one in the same.”


Kicking Smoking

Kim’s smoking habit was well known but what was worse was that she was allegedly caught smoking while pregnant, a claim that she vehemently denied. She said of finally kicking the habit, “I did smoke. I quit a few years ago. I definitely loved cigarettes, which was so odd because I love white teeth and pretty skin. I just started very young so I kind of contradicted all that I believed for many, many years. I read a book and never smoked again.”

kim- smoking

Heart Condition

After having a minor stroke, Kim knew something was not right with her heart so went to seek medical attention. She was then informed that she had a hole in her heart and had to undergo surgery to repair it. “The device in my heart has changed my life, I can, like, run now forever, whereas my whole life I always knew I couldn’t do what you could do. I just didn’t know why. Now it’s like, I feel great. I do. I feel great.”


Return To Real Housewives

After departing the hugely successful series in 2012, Kim considered a return to the Real Housewives Of Atlanta. She said “I’m very motivated by money, everything has a price. I’m just giving it to you straight. Given the right amount of money for anything? Yeah, count me in. I like to work. I have six children to support, so for sure!” In July 2017, Kim confirmed her return to the show, many were anticipating her big return and how the other women would react.