These Ingenious Pranks Will Make You Cry With Laughter


Big Shrimpin’

Apparently, you can buy shrimp scent in these cans that are used for bait. This should make the natural prankster crack a mischievous smile. This guy wrapped the can in an air freshener label with the “Tropical Mist” scent, then simply left the can laying around in the bathroom, and waited until someone used it.

All Day Long

One problem with this office is that the bathroom only has one stall, and fifteen employees! It seems like they are always waiting for each other to be done, so they get their chance to sit on the porcelain throne. One April Fools Day, the funny guy at work decided to play a prank on the rest of the office, by putting his boots and some jeans on the seat, making everyone have to hold it forever. After an hour, a riot almost broke out.

Rich Filling

Even the most pregnant of women would not have a craving as crazy as donuts filled with mayo. Even a widely accepted “normal” filling, jelly, is seen as vile by many donut eaters. There is a split opinion on Boston cream and custard in donuts, but generally, people like them. In carrying out this prank, however, the joker could not get all the custard out of the donut, and left a gross blend of mayo and custard inside for the unsuspecting victim.

When You See It

This prank is so incredible, it will take you a minute to see it. This guy is a Hollywood special effects designer, and it shows here. The car seat is so perfectly replicated, that his unsuspecting wife absolutely freaked out when she opened the door to go to work. Using a picture he took of her car seat, he spent his extra time at work on set sewing together the perfect replica. A nice bonus was he could freak out other drivers by driving this “ghost car.”

Sleeping Vegan

This girl has been a strict vegan for some time now, and her boyfriend is a carnivore. When she went away on business, he could finally gorge on steak, hamburgers, chicken wings, and pork chops. Here, she just got back from the airport and passed out in bed. He decided to have one last meaty meal before he had to share kale and lentil salads with her. also, he decided to have a little fun in the meantime, making his dreams of a meat-eating girlfriend come true.

All Gummed Up

If you are getting sick of people you know chewing their gum with open mouths, and obnoxiously blowing bubbles and having them pop annoyingly, this is a great prank to make them think twice. This person took some blue-green Play-Doh, which was the perfect color to mimic this flavor of minty chewing gum. The unsuspecting victim gagged the moment they put the clay in their mouth. Luckily, since this clay is designed for kids, it is non-toxic, so nobody really got hurt.

Buggin’ Out

This prank is perfect for a target who is terrified of bugs. When you are at home, you want it to be free of any creepy crawlies. So putting some big, gnarly bugs can be shocking to those with hardcore phobias. This person decided to put them on a lamp before his roommate got home. That way, she had to turn on the lights, and the bug’s silhouette then stared her right in the face! He did not see her reaction, but he did hear her bloodcurdling shriek.

I Want That Orange Stuff

Everyone has their preferences, and this person’s roommate liked to have orange juice in the fridge, ready to drink. However, they only liked it fresh squeezed. This guy got fed up with the constant smell from the orange peels littered all over the kitchen, so he decided to play a cheesy prank. He took some packets of the powdered goodness from Kraft Dinner mac and cheese and made an orange mixture. In the refrigerator, it looks dangerously like a burst of vitamin C, rather than a vomit-inducing tincture.

Cemented His Relationship

When the new boss took charge, everyone knew he wanted to make a good impression. He was taken from being a regular-old bricklayer and promoted to manager, so he was anxious to make sure everything went smoothly. His employees, who used to be his coworkers, decided to prank him. They had an extra pair of boots and stuck them in the gravel, making it look like someone got paved over. His heart skipped a beat when he saw and when he realized what they did, he cursed them.

Spoiler Alert

This library decided to prank its readership. The librarians, who were scholars of English Literature, were sick and tired of people coming in to read books that are so produced for the masses, that they are sold in airports. To pique their audience, they made this billboard, which has a spoiler alert regarding the passing of one of the biggest characters in the Harry Potter franchise. This will, at the very least, get people to come to the library. Not to read, though, but to yell at the staff.

Jello There

We can all take inspiration from one of the biggest pranksters ever featured on television, Jim Halpert of The Office. Although he has always annoyed co-worker Dwight Schrute in many ways, perhaps the most famous prank carried out was when Jim, somehow, put Dwight’s prized stapler inside a serving of jello. Dwight was not allowed to simply dig through the jello to get his stapler back- the boss insisted that he must eat his way through, further aggravating him.

Portal To Another Dimension

Falling down is very scary; ask anyone who gets that eerie feeling of falling when they are in bed trying to go to sleep. This simple prank makes a very jarring image for any staircase that is outside. By simply putting a mirror down on the step, this prankster was able to make it look like there was a portal to another dimension on the ground. Although this prank is best done outdoors, indoors sometimes achieves the same effect as well.

Schmear It On

People love to put cream cheese on a toasted bagel, and perhaps add a little lox. They are less crazy about smearing cream cheese into their sweater armpits. However, as a master prankster, you do not necessarily care what peoples’ cream cheese preferences are. This prank takes advantage of the fact that Irish Spring scented deodorant looks exactly like cream cheese. Switching them is a double whammy because you can also, at the same time, prank a breakfaster into eating deodorant.


The person who sits in this chair likes to have quiet in the office. It is tough to not get distracted, though, as the room is an open-concept design, where everyone sits together. Since everyone likes to goof-off, and this guy is a serious Sam, the gang decided to prank him and put an air horn under his seat, to really show who makes the most noise in the room. They all got in trouble, however, as he jumped in fright and spilled hot coffee on himself.

Shower Buddy

All women should think twice before sending their boyfriends to go buy toiletries and home products. You will end up with shower curtains like this. Many people fear that someone is lurking behind the shower curtain, and just need to move them aside to check. This ingeniously designed shower curtain scared the wits out of this man’s girlfriend, to the point where the screaming was non-stop for almost two minutes. Since then, there is a new house rule: the shower curtain must stay open when not in use.

Gift Wrapped

Most people dream of getting a new car as a gift with a big red bow on it, rather than a shrink-wrapped VW Beetle. Luckily, this is not a gift, but a well-executed prank. Since she is always late to work, and says she cannot do anything to save time in the morning, but this is not true. Her friends decided to give her what they consider a legitimate reason to be late by coming early in the morning, and wrapping her car up with plastic.

Snakes On The Lettuce

Everyone knows that you have to wash your vegetables before eating them to get rid of little critters. Nobody expects that a snake will be lurking in the lettuce leaves. This prank almost got some supermarket workers fired, but they did not care, as they quit anyway when their prank videos, including pranks like this, became very popular on the internet. With the videos, they were making much more money than they made at the grocery store, even with the snacks they used to steal.

Aged Cheese

At first look, this soap seems like it is one of those fancy soaps that has exfoliating oatmeal, and the whole alphabet of vitamins in it. However, in reality, the whole thing is actually a piece of fancy cheese! The little bits inside are like the rind of blue cheese, but it is unsuspecting enough that people will really rub in onto their body before realizing that they are dressing themselves like they are a plate of pasta. Now they have to shower extra meticulously.

Jim’s Ride

Jim made the mistake of parking his car in the company lot and going away for a business trip using a taxi to get to the airport. While he was away, making deals, the rest of his co-workers decided to use the surplus of sticky notes from the break room to decorate the car. The pastel decals let everyone know whose car this is, and importantly for the prank, made it totally impossible and illegal to drive. An exhausted Jim simply took a taxi home.

The Floor Is Lava

When you are a kid, one of the most fun games to play is “the floor is lava!” where you jump from furniture to furniture, avoiding the floor. This person decided to take it outside the realm of imagination, and make it real(er). By printing out photorealistic images of lava and magma from the internet, he was able to scare off some motorists by placing them in exactly the right potholes on the street. The fire department was even called to investigate!


The way the keyboard is arranged for the vast majority of people is the called the QWERTY keyboard, which is what the first line of the top left of the keyboard spells. Depending on the country, there might be different keyboards. For example, one is the AZERTY keyboard in France, and the ĄŽERTY keyboard in Lithuania. There is no official keyboard, however, that spells out UMADBRO? (“you mad, bro?”). This only exists when NASA employees prank each other by unsticking and re-sticking keys.

Fashion Show

When this guy’s mom fell asleep, she really fell into a deep sleep. Perhaps it was all the food she just ate, or the jet-lag from her long flight, but she was like a log. This mischievous son took the opportunity to turn it into a fashion show, first using the suitcase that was nearby from the airport, but then getting more elaborate with musical instruments, and academic regalia- complete with mortarboard! Luckily, she has a good sense of humor and was amused by the pictures.


Do not worry- like all the pranks here, this is fake. Just as you may have reacted when you thought there was a kitty in the microwave, other people react similarly. By printing out this picture of a cat, and sticking in on the glass of the zapper, this prankster was able to freak out not only cat lovers, but everyone who came by to heat up their lunches. Luckily, people had a good sense of humor about this gag.

Caged In

Although laser mice sounds like a cyborg animal invented by a mad scientist, it is actually just a computer mouse that uses a laser. By covering it up with paper, the mouse is rendered useless, and without turning it around to see what is wrong, you leave the pranked target violently shaking their mouse, getting more and more frustrated. When they finally turn the mouse around, they are either greeted by a Joker-like laughter or a bionic Nicholas Cage.


After the beach, it’s important to wash the ocean salt and sand out of your hair with some freshwater. This guy decided to prank these unsuspecting people by sneaking up behind them and giving them a dollop of shampoo. As their hands became magically lathered and soapy, they would freak out! This prank, although it was shocking in the beginning, was a classic case of no harm no foul, as the shampoo was actually helpful to most people.

A Bun In The Oven

Thanksgiving is a time to gather the family together around the table- to prank them! This family decided to cook two turkeys: one that was big enough to feed all the hungry people at the table, and then another that was really small. Then, they put the small one inside the big one, and declared that the turkey was pregnant! Everyone was shocked, especially the daughter of the family who was home from college; her mouth was wide open, agape with surprise.

Planting The Seed

When you talk all day about how you only eat organic produce, and that you are meant to be living on a farm in front of city-folk, it can be dangerous to go away on a two-week vacation. Fed up with all the farm talk, this urban c0-worker decided to plant some seeds in the cracks of her keyboard with some moist paper towel. When she got back, she became a lot quieter about country roads, and became more hardened like a city girl.

Fred Astaire’s Dorm Room

This person got his whole world turned upside down. Hopefully, the duct tape that was used to put his belongings on the ceiling holds, or it is going to be cloudy with a chance of guitars. Nobody actually proved who pulled this prank off, but rumors suggested that his old roommate from freshman year bribed the custodial staff, who lent him a ladder to tape these items to the ceiling. He got the idea from the old Fred Astaire bit where he dances on the ceiling.

Clean And Clear

Clear nail polish can provide a nice shiny lacquer that is first painted on, and then hardens to a solid layer. This prankster realized that the same thing happens when you paint things other than nails. One of the most diabolical things was to take the brush to this soap, and have it harden, making it impossible to actually lather. The target of this prank scrubbed and scrubbed until they finally chucked the bar into the trash with fury.

Thick Milkshake

This chocolate chip milkshake is known to be absolutely delicious, especially when paired with a burger and fries. When someone has some leftover shake, you jump on the opportunity. The only time anyone would ever give up on the shake, though, is when it is too thick. This prankster found a way to not only make someone drink ketchup, but to suck on the straw really hard, as that is the only way to get the thick milkshake to budge.