The Women Of How I Met Your Mother: Then & Now


Sarah Chalke – Stella

After Ted was determined to get rid of a butterfly tattoo he acquired during a drunken night out, he was treated by Stella Zinman, played by Scrubs favorite Sarah Chalke. But what’s the actress doing now?

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Sarah Chalke – Now

Fans were naturally heartbroken after Stella left Ted at the altar. But this didn’t stop them from loving Sarah Chalke, who has since had numerous roles on multiple shows. After wrapping up on Scrubs, Chalke made significant appearances on shows such as Mad Love and How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life.) However, her most notable recent career move has come in animation, where she voices Beth Smith, the daughter of crazy scientist Rick in the hit comedy Rick and Morty.

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Nazanin Boniadi – Nora

Nazanin Boniadi played a female character who wasn’t even into Ted. Nora was the love interest of Neil Patrick Harris’ womanizing Barney Stinson. After spending many years living the life of a bachelor, Barney finally meets someone who could completely change his life for the better. After dipping in and out of a relationship with Nora, Barney eventually cheats on her with who he considers his one true love, Robin. But has Boniadi’s career progressed since her time on How I Met Your Mother?

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Nazanin Boniadi – Now

Despite things not working out with Barney Stinson, Nazanin Boniadi is quietly turning into a big name in the world of acting, both on the large and small screen. The General Hospital star has since made appearances on shows such as CSI and Grey’s Anatomy, while also becoming a recurring character in both Homeland and Scandal. She has also starred in numerous hit films such as Iron Man, 2016’s remake of Ben Hur and most recently, the Sci-fi blockbuster Passengers.

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Stacy Keibler – Karina

You probably recognize Stacy Keibler from her days in the WWE. However, the professional wrestler/model made a special appearance on the 100th episode “Girls Versus Suits.” Karina is the new bartender at the gang’s favorite bar McLaren’s and seems to draw attention away from Ted’s female friends Robin and Lily with her freakishly good looks. Once again, Barney goes head over heels for her but is left with the impossible decision to choose between her and his beloved suits…

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Stacy Keibler – Now

In all honesty, Kiebler hasn’t done much since retiring from the WWE in 2006. However, she did star as a host of the reality cooking show Supermarket Superstar. Despite receiving decent reviews, the show only lasted for one season. It seems though that she has had much more success in her personal life, having been with Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre since 2013. The couple wed the following year and shortly after, Kiebler had her first child, Ava Grace Pobre.

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Laura Prepon – Karen

One of Ted’s first loves on How I Met Your Mother was during his college years, he fell in love with the free spirit, Karen, played by Laura Prepon. Karen immediately broadens Ted’s horizons and puts him in numerous situations that force him to compromise his own beliefs and interests. Then, on one normal day of lectures, Ted returns to his college dorm to find Karen in bed with a frat guy. Eventually, Karen comes back into Ted’s life, making him extremely apprehensive.

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Laura Prepon – Now

Prepon’s fame and worth has only got bigger since How I Met Your Mother. Her most notable work in recent times has been on the Netflix show Orange Is The New Black, which she won a Saturn Award for in 2014 for Best Supporting Actress. Her personal life has also been pretty successful after she and her husband Ben Foster announced that they were expecting a baby girl. She has also recently starred on the big screen, in 2016’s thriller The Girl on the Train.

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Ashley Williams – Victoria

When Ted offers to take news reporter Robin Scherbatsky to his friend’s wedding as a plus one, she has to bail on him last minute to report a big story on live TV. So Ted ends up going alone and it’s just his luck to meet somebody else at the wedding. He ends up bonding with the baker of the wedding cake. And although they part ways, their fates become intertwined for the following years to come…

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Ashley Williams – Now

Williams’ personal life has seemed to take center stage in the years following her role as Victoria. The actress tragically suffered a miscarriage after being pregnant for two months. In an attempt to alleviate the stigma attached to miscarrying, she decided to speak publicly about her experiences. The following year, Williams gave birth to her second child, Odie Sal Dodson, who she had with her husband, independent film producer Neal Dodson. She has since been a regular on The Jim Gaffigan Show.

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Danica McKellar – Trudy

In one of the most memorable episodes of the show, “The Pineapple Incident,” Ted keeps on returning to McLaren’s Bar and gets so drunk that he has no idea what happened when he wakes up the next day. All he has is a bunch of clues including a suspicious pineapple at his bedside and a woman lying next to him, passed out. At first, he suspects that she’s Robin, but as the episode unfolds, she reveals herself to be a girl by the name of Trudy.

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Danica McKellar – Now

McKellar, who originally gained fame from her a role as Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years, has had plenty of business since her time on How I Met Your Mother. However, it’s her lead role on the Netflix series Project Mc2 that has taken her career to the next level. She portrays The Quail, the leading agent of a secret government organization and the mother of the main character, McKeyla. She was also a judge on Miss America 2016.

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Abby Elliot – Jeanette

Just before Ted finally met the mother, he was forced to endure his most challenging partner yet in the form of Abby Elliot’s Jeanette. Ted eventually realizes how crazy his new girlfriend is that he actually becomes too scared to break up with her, suspecting that it would be better for his health and safety if he just stayed with her. Eventually, he finds the courage to walk away. However, as he does, he’s forced to watch Jeanette burn all of his belongings…

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Abby Elliot – Now

Abby Elliot has also seemed to follow in the footsteps of her crazy comedian father Chris Elliott. The reason she ended up on How I Met Your Mother in the first place was because of her growing reputation on Saturday Night Live. Since her days as Jeanette, Abby has become part of the main cast of the sitcom, Odd Moms Out, which was canceled in 2017. After a failed relationship with SNL co-star Fred Armisen, she is now married to writer Bill Kennedy.

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Judy Greer – Royce

Ted struggles to get over being left at the altar when he strikes a bond with his new flame, Royce, played by Judy Greer. On their first date, the pair go to the movies to watch The Wedding Bride. Little does Ted know though, that the movie is written and directed by Tony Grafanello, the man who his ex-fiance, Stella, left for. The movie is a scarily accurate representation of what Ted went through but depicts him as the villain of the story.

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Judy Greer – Now

Judy Greer is one of those actresses who has never been the lead of a big TV show, but seems to have had recurring roles on virtually everything else. She has guest starred on Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, ER, and The Big Bang Theory, to name a few. Then, in 2015, Greer finally got what she wanted, a lead role in the sitcom Married. However, the show was canceled after two seasons and Greer returned to the cameo life.

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Dawn Olivieri – Anna

Over the course of the show, Ted consistently displays signs of confidence issues. This can’t be more apparent in the episode “Ted Mosby: Architect.” The audience is made to believe that Barney convinces Ted to use his profession as a selling point for the ladies. This ends up working when he goes on a crazy night out with Dawn Olivieri’s Anna. However, it turns out that it was actually Barney who pretended to be Ted and ended up scoring with Anna instead.

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Dawn Olivieri – Now

After being fooled by Barney, Dawn Olivieri has maintained a modestly successful acting career. Since her time on How I Met Your Mother, the actress has made guest appearances in numerous hit shows such as Entourage, True Blood, and Rules Of Engagement, to name a few. Her most significant role though came in 2012 when she starred alongside Don Cheadle in the sitcom House of Lies. Olivieri was originally part of the main cast before becoming a recurring character in later seasons.

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Abigail Spencer – Blah Blah

Another character who the writers refused to give a normal name was Ted’s brief love interest Blah Blah. Because Ted is telling his kids stories about his adulthood from the future, there are some people who he had such forgettable relationships with that he can’t even remember their names. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, he refers to Abigail Spencer’s character as Blah Blah. This proves to provide much comedy throughout the episode, with everyone else referring to her by the nickname.

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Abigail Spencer – Now

Not only did Blah Blah split with Ted on How I Met Your Mother, Abigail Spencer’s real live relationship with Andrew Pruett came to an end in 2012. However, her professional life has maintained a decent level of stability, starring in hit shows such as Mad Men, Suits, and True Detective, to name a few. Her most recent TV appearance has been in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. As for Hollywood, she did star in the box office bomb Cowboys & Aliens.

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Lindsay Price – Cathy

Another nightmare that Ted had to experience before meeting the one was the delightful Cathy. Everything seemed to be going so well for Ted and his new girl. This was until his friends shattered his perfect illusion of her when they told him that Cathy actually has a big mouth. As the episode progresses, this becomes more and more apparent, as Lindsay Price’s character refuses to come up for air and prevents others from getting a word in edgeways!

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Lindsay Price – Now

Life truly imitated art when Lindsay Price and Ted Mosby himself, Josh Radnor, became romantically involved after working together on the show. However, their relationship was short lived and just a year later, they both moved on. However, since then, the 90210 star found love again, marrying Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone in 2009. They are still together to this day, after having two sons: Hudson and Emerson Spencer. As for TV, she will be part of the main cast of the upcoming sitcom Splitting Up Together.

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Morena Baccarin – Crazy Eyes Chloe

Another lady who the audience was made to believe was crazy was Marshall Erikson’s brief love interest, Chloe. While he was temporarily broken up with his college sweetheart Lily, Marshall found the courage to date again, striking a bond with the cute cafe barista Chloe. However, Barney and Ted are quick to warn Marshall to stay away from her as they suspect she has “the Crazy Eyes.” It turns out that Chloe is actually pretty normal, but Marshall rekindles his love with Lily anyway.

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Morena Baccarin – Now

Baccarin has only gotten more and more famous since her role as Chloe. She had a recurring role as the wife of marine-turned-terrorist Nicholas Brody, Jessica Brody in the show Homeland. She was nominated for an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress for her role on the show and she has most recently starred as Dr. Leslie Thompkins in the show, Gotham. She also starred alongside Ryan Reynolds in the meta-comic book movie, Deadpool and is also scheduled to star in the sequel.

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Jennifer Morrison – Zoe

One of Ted’s most serious relationships on How I Met Your Mother ended up being one of his most dramatic ones. When he meets Zoe Pierson (Jennifer Morrison), a lady desperate to preserve the building he is commissioned to build over, the couple forms an unexpected relationship. At one point, it develops into a love triangle that also includes Kyle McLachlan. However, their fundamentally opposing beliefs on the matter is what ultimately drives them apart and Ted sacrifices her in favor of his friends and career.

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Jennifer Morrison – Now

Best known for her role as Dr. Allison Cameron on the hit medical drama House, Jennifer Morrison is one of the leads in the fantasy drama Once Upon A Time. She stars as the protagonist Emma Swan and has received much acclaim for her role. However, her personal life hasn’t been as stable. After getting engaged to House co-star Jesse Spencer, the couple eventually called off the engagement. And no, she’s not dating Matthew Perry; she was just in his play, that’s all.

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Laura Bell Bundy – Boats Boats Boats Girl

One of the more annoying girls to come into the lives of Ted and Barney is the larger-than-life personality that most fans remember as the “Boats Boats Boats Girl.” After locking down an anchor position alongside to Robin, much to her dismay, Laura Bell Bundy’s character becomes an overnight sensation when she advertises, yeah you guessed it…boats. Oh, by the way, in case you were wondering if she actually had a real name, she is credited as Becky.

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Laura Bell Bundy – Now

Wedding bells have been ringing recently for Becky the “Boats Boats Boats Girl.” After a two year engagement and four years of dating, she finally tied the knot with TBS Executive Thom Hinkle on June 3, 2017. Bundy’s professional career has also been fruitful since How I Met Your Mother, with regular roles on shows such as Hart of Dixie and the Charlie Sheen-led Anger Management. Most recently, Bundy made a string of notable appearances on Scream Queens.

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Jayma Mays – Coat Check Girl

Despite being brief, Jayma Mays’ appearances on How I Met Your Mother were memorable and served the story in a funny yet profound way. Ted originally meets the credited Coat Check Girl at a club and the pair strike a bond when they both agree that clubs suck. This is the last time we see her, until she appears seven seasons later as a vision, convincing Ted that all his relationships are destined to end in tragedy, one way or another…

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Jayma Mays – Now

Fans will remember Mays best for her leading role in the hit musical sitcom Glee, where she played the quirky counselor Emma Pillsbury. She received universal acclaim for her performance of the character and has since had lead roles in shows such as The Millers and The Adventures of Puss in Boots. Her most recent role came as the attorney Carol Anne Keane in legal sitcom Trial and Error, which received considerable acclaim from critics since its first aired in 2017.

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