Hilarious Notes From Children You Can’t Miss


Mommy’s Favorite Thing

Apparently, the assignment was to share a hobby that the child’s mom enjoys, and whose mom does not enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of the day? You’ve got to hand it to the kid that he even knows what type of wine his mother prefers.


Mixed Emotions

Well, that is a pretty harsh message for someone! Who do we think this letter was meant for and what made this kid so angry? It seems like the kind of note a kid would leave for their mother if has to enforce a bedtime. Though you have to admit, he expressed himself pretty clearly in the note, although his rapid mood changes were somewhat alarming. The good thing about kids is that they seem to get over things pretty fast.


Tooth Fairy

“Dear tooth fairy, I lost my tooth on 23 of Oct. Now it is Nov. 12. I lost my tooth in pizza. I lost both today. You owe me $1.00 not to be hard but I need money. Annisa.” This kid knows how to get business done right! Annisa even knows what the going rate is for teeth and how much money the tooth fairy owes her! Not only is this kid pretty good at math, she’s also very assertive while still staying kind.


Divorced Parents

Divorce can be hard on kids, but it seems like this kid has a pretty positive attitude about it. He took a sour situation and expressed himself through a beautiful colorful letter and even added in some humor, maybe without realizing he was. This father is lucky to have a child that keeps things real. Although to be honest, we feel a little bit bad for the mother in the situation because clearly, the kids want to stay with the dad more.


Baby Brother Woes

Kids like to be honest, and when they are praying to God they don’t see any reason to hold anything back. While she likes her little brother and is grateful for the new baby, Joyce wanted to remind God that she had prayed for a puppy instead. Joyce makes a great point. It is pretty frustrating when you pray for one thing, but you end up getting something entirely different. While baby brothers are great, puppies are extra special family members.


Lunch Box Notes

Julian knows what he wants and his mom can’t seem to change that. Even though his mom just wants him to have the best day ever, he is not buying it. This is a kid who is not afraid to say how he feels and you have got to hand it to the little guy. Hopefully, his bad attitude gets a little over time and he is just trying to give his mom a hard time. Poor moms, they have to deal with so much!



That is an unfortunate spelling mistake for this kid’s dad! How did his teacher keep a straight face after she got the child’s assignment back? The chef’s hat is a bit peculiar and oddly shaped and colored too, but who are we to shatter this kid’s artistic dreams? At least the dad looks really happy in the illustration! Even though we all know that the child meant to ‘cook,’ hopefully, this is probably one of the most hilarious spelling errors we have ever seen!


Honest Feedback

We’re not sure if Mrs. McMahon was looking for honest feedback, but she certainly got it from this student. They say the best way to give criticism is to start off with something positive. Clearly, this kid was trying to be nice and complimentary by starting the note by telling the teacher how good she was. Then, he skillfully snuck in the truth that she is “not [his or her] most favourite.” Hopefully, Mrs. McMahon did not take it too badly.


Lost Love

Ashley is quite a player! She’s got boys lining up for her left and right, and she is not afraid to tell them what she wants. You do have to feel a little bit bad for this brave little boy. He really poured his heart out to Ashley and then got rejected. Luckily, from Ashley’s response, it seems that there is still hope for the boy.   He just has to wait “a month or two” and Ashley will be all his!


Naughty Neighbor

Clearly, this kid likes things to be good and fair. And the truth is, most people do not like other people’s dogs pooping in their yard either! This child was not afraid to teach his neighbor a lesson. Just imagine the shock on the poor neighbor’s face when he discovered a nasty surprise in his yard. We would have to guess that this kid did not get away with his revenge tactic, but at least he gave us a good laugh.


Hey Santa!

Someone should tell this kid that Santa does not like to receive threats or else Santa is going give this child coal this Christmas. Some kids these days expect so much and are not even grateful for the presents they get. Not only did this kid demand a pony this year, he also left a harsh threat and tried to intimidate Santa with “there will be consequences.” All we can say is that this child does not deserve a pony this year!


Brotherly Love

We think Larry makes a great point in his letter! Clearly, he has learned a lot in his Bible study class and he is using what he has learned to make a convincing argument.


A Mother’s Love

“Thank you, mom, for making me food so I don’t die.” Wow, Brendan really knows the way to his mom’s heart! We bet that Brendan’s mom really got a kick out of this year’s Mother’s Day card. Clearly, she pinned this special note on her refrigerator and we could guess that it is not coming off of there for years and years. It sounds like his mom is quite a cook and also really concerned about her son’s health and well-being.


Fashion Faux-Pas

Anything that starts with “I love you, but…” has to raise some red flags for you. This letter has everything in it, including an elaborate drawing of a broken heart complete with buckets of tears! However, one question still begs to be answered. Did the letter work and did the parents let their child keep his or her hair? Honestly, is there really anything wrong with some long and untamed locks? Sorry, but we are on the kid’s side with this one.



Poor Frankie! Not only does he have no independent income but he’s been reduced to the status of freeloader by his folks. What a shame considering he seems like a pretty smart kid. He even spelled everything correctly! Really though, how do they expect Frankie to earn the big bucks? He is just a child after all. Most job applications require you to be at least sixteen years old to apply and something tells me that Frankie is not of age.


Veiled Threats

“Good Morning. I see my assassins have failed.” Well, Catherine seems like a child with an active imagination! This note leaves us with so many questions. Does Catherine feel this way every morning when she wakes up, and who are these assassins? We have to wonder if Catherine’s parents are worried about her sense of reality, or if she just happens to be a child who likes to play make-believe. This much is clear, don’t mess with Catherine.


True Words

According to Joseph, “It takes balls to be a dad.” Joseph speaks the truth! Not only is he speaking metaphorically about the hardships of parenting, but biologically he’s got it all figured out. This seems like a Father’s Day card that is one for the books. We are pretty sure Joseph’s father thoroughly enjoyed his special note. How could he not? We have got to guess that Joseph’s dad is a pretty great guy if his son thinks this highly of him.



What do you tell someone who is about to pass away? We are not sure who Mitchell is, but he sure was straightforward in his note to a loved one who was about to die. He simply wrote, “I am sorry your about to die. Love, Mitchell.” We don’t think we have ever seen a more honest condolence letter. Mitchell included a lovely happy drawing of a face in the card. Hopefully, Michell’s card made someone feel very loved.



Jonathan makes a good point to the “Big Guy” upstairs. His personal letter to God read, “Dear God, If you let the dinosaur not extinct, we would not have a country. You did the right thing. Jonathan.” We are pretty sure God appreciates Jonathan’s approval and reassurance. After all, everyone likes to receive positive reinforcement for their decisions. This kid brings up an interesting idea. The world would certainly look very different with a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur running around.


Dear God

Here is another letter to God that presents an important question. Norma wrote, “Dear God, Did you mean for the giraffe to look like that or was it an accident.” We have to side with Norma. Giraffes do look different from most other animals. We think Norma’s question is very deep and deserving of a thoughtful response. Clearly, she is a pretty curious and observant child. According to Huffington Post, giraffes have really long necks “in order to reach those nourishing leaves.”


Good For You

Sometimes healthy drinks do not taste as good as they are advertised. Taste buds do not lie and neither do children! This kid was not afraid to share her true feelings about this juice with her mom or dad. It seems that the parent agrees with the daughter, so maybe they should toss that juice in the garbage and never look back. Water is always a better substitute anyways. Water is much more hydrating, and you don’t have to worry about too much sugar.


Feel Better

Remember when you were a kid and every problem could be solved by either a trip to the bathroom? Mrs. Clark was definitely in need of some practical feel good advice and her concerned student stepped up to the plate. We think this student has great advice and we can’t forget to mention her incredible cartoon illustration too. So, just in case Mrs. Clark did not understand the student’s written instructions, she can refer to the hand-drawn diagram.


Take It Easy

Whoever wrote this letter to Santa Claus may be the sweetest child ever. One of Santa’s constituents wrote, “Dear Santa, how are your reindeer? If you can not buy what I want, take it easy on yourself. Just give me tens and ones of money.” Not only does this child first check to see how Santa’s reindeer are doing, he or she also reassures Santa not to stress out too much about buying presents. Even Santa needs to “take it easy” sometimes.


Sorry Not Sorry

Brody and Liam obviously have a complicated relationship but at least it’s honest.  It seems that Miss P had good intentions and wanted Liam and Brody to get along and mend the friendship. Clearly, Liam is not interested in working on his friendship with Brody and is not actually sorry. Liam even said, “Miss P made me write you this note.” Poor Brody! It was probably not fun for Brody to get this mean note from his former friend.


Spelling Mistakes

According to the teacher, it seems the child meant to write, “I roasted marshmallows. It was fun! I played with chalk, wet chalk! I liked it! I got messy! I did not care.” Without the teacher’s spelling corrections, this journal entry is pretty hilarious and downright inappropriate. How did the teacher even manage to know what the child meant? This was just too funny not to share! Note to self: In the future, teach my kids how to spell “chalk.”


Poetic Love

The rhyming structure is a bit off, but this kid’s heart is in the right place. The Mother’s Day Card starts out pretty standard and normal. The kid takes us through all of the things that he or she loves his mom more than. “rainbows, blue skies, and butterflies” are just a few that made the list. Then, all of the sudden, this kid comes out with cows! This child clearly loves his or her mom, but the card brings up some questions for us.


True Confessions

That is not cool, Carl! We have to admit that we feel pretty bad for whoever Rachel is. Her privacy was just completely violated by Carl! The interesting thing is that Carl totally owned up to his indiscretion. Carl even specified how much of her diary he read. If we were Rachel, we would invest in some serious diary security. Maybe a padlock would help this girl out. Carl definitely deserves some punishment from his parents for his actions.


Say What?!

This anonymous note is pretty hilarious. We could not stop cracking up at this kid’s incredibly informative letter. Clearly, this child is pretty honest and comfortable with himself or herself. We do have to wonder what possessed this kid to open up about his or her personal bodily functions. Even though it’s totally normal to fart, everyone does not want to hear about it. You’ve got to give it to the kid for having no shame! Kids really do say the darndest things.


Camp Woes

Poor Josh! It sure sounds like the first few days of camp left him with some discomfort. At least everything seems to be on the mend and only looking better going forward. We would bet that mom loved getting this letter and knowing that Josh is feeling better. He is even able to run again. We do have one question though. Who are these “friends” that “hate” when he says eggs!? If you ask us, his friends sound pretty neurotic and impatient.


Who’s The Boss?

It seems like Owen appears to be pretty demanding and spoiled. On the other hand, Owen clearly knows what he wants and when he wants it and he will not take ‘no’ for an answer! Plus, we have to admit that Legos are one of the greatest toys ever invented so we can understand his feelings of desperation. How did Owen’s mother respond to this letter? Did she give in and buy him the Legos or did Owen fire her?


Stay Strong

Homesickness is a real problem for many kids at camp. The separation anxiety for parents and children can be almost unbearable. However, from this letter, it seems that the child has adjusted much better to the separation than the parents have. She seems to be the one comforting her parents and encouraging them to “stay strong.” This kid definitely has a knack for the dramatics. She misses her family but not enough to make herself sick over! Let’s hope her parents take the advice and “stay strong.”


Pay Per -View

Haven’t we all been in Hannah’s position before? Pay-per-view got the best of her and now she’s left feeling bad and guilty for ordering too many episodes at one time. Poor Hannah! She just wanted to watch some Spongebob Squarepants. Obviously Hannah regrets her decision to purchase the episodes and she wants to pay her parents back. Unfortunately, 25 cents probably won’t cut it. Hannah, keep your change and learn from your mistakes. Don’t worry, we have all been there.


Beware Of Toilets

One child’s letter to the building read, “Important Notice: Every toilet in the building are possessed. P.S. Give the doorman a hotdog.” This kid’s alarming notice raises a few concerns. Evidently, management needs to take some things into consideration if every toilet in the building is having problems. Someone needs to take control of these issues and help this concerned citizen out. Also, how cute is it that the child encouraged everyone to give the doorman a hotdog?


Be Sure To Write Home

Here is another letter home from camp that had us rolling on the floor laughing. While the “I am not dead” addition is reassuring, it is also redundant considering he is obviously not dead as he is able to write this letter! Despite his use of hyperbole, we are happy that camp is going so well for him. We do hope that his parents sent him “lots of magic cards.” Magic tricks are always fun when making new friends at camp!



This letter from Emily can best be described as a cry for help. Clearly, she does not actually want to run away considering she included the exact time she would be leaving. We have to wonder what happened that made Emily want to flee from her home. Even though she wants to run away, it is pretty sweet that she also wants to make sure to say goodbye to her parents before. It would suck if she left without saying bye!


Smarty Pants

This kid is pretty clever even without studying for his test! We have to give him some props for coming up with an answer to the first question. While his answer is definitely not wrong, we would have to guess that the teacher was looking for something else. What was significant about 1895? After doing a little bit of research, we found out that volleyball was created in 1895, even though it’s probably not the answer the teacher was looking for.



Leave it to a little sister to write honestly about her dreams of telling on her little brother. If she could have one super power, she would choose to be invisible, and of all things she could do with that skill, she would choose to tattle tale on her little brother. Even though this letter from 1988 is a little bit evil, we can’t help but get a good laugh from it. You can really see the pure joy this girl would get from telling on her bro.


Oh The Suspense

We bet this kid’s dad had a mini heart attack when he first started reading his son’s note. Why do kids love to scare the bejeezus out of their parents? It’s a good thing he was “just ciding” aka just kidding! Even though the child wanted to freak out his father, his plan failed before it even began.  The kid revealed that he was joking a little too early to really give his dad a good scare.


Tooth Fairy Tease

Julia seems like a really kind and considerate little girl. She was so thoughtful of the tooth fairy’s somewhat dirty job, that she even made an effort to clean her recently pulled tooth. On the other hand, maybe Julia was just trying to butter up the tooth fairy into giving her more money! All in all, the tooth fairy and Julia seem to have a really close relationship, so maybe the tooth fairy will give her a little more cash for this extra clean tooth.


Another Holiday

We hear you, Ginny and could not agree with you more! Ginny’s letter to God makes a really good point. There is a significant number of weeks during the year when it feels like there is not much to look forward to. Christmas is obviously amazing and Easter could not be more fun, but we really could use one more exciting holiday in between. Poor Ginny just wants something to look forward to. Hopefully, the Big Guy upstairs listens to her request!


Not For You!

It seems like one member of the family is really trying to micromanage Eric and mom’s eating habits! Let us just mention that this is not a note we would want to find in our cookie jar. We like to eat our cookies and snacks guilt free! Pretty sure that mom did not like being called out for her “but problem” either.  Everyone loves a cookie jar and this kid went one step further to protect his favorite cookies.


A Dog’s Life

This kid’s goals are right on point. Dogs have it made! They get to eat all day, take naps, snuggle, and play fetch. Dogs live a fabulous life. Who wouldn’t want to grow up to be a dog? The only problem is that this kid’s life aspirations will probably never happen and we do not want to be there when he finds out and has his dreams crushed. This child is super cute and no one wants to see him sad and disappointed.


Make It Rain

This child had it right when he eloquently said, “My one wish is…for it to rain tacos.” The wonder of children is their outlandish dreams and aspirations. This child loved tacos so much that he would use his one wish to make it rain tacos. Taco rain sounds much better than the standard type of rain! Basically, this kid could eliminate world hunger with his one wish. We think most people would appreciate this kid’s wish too.


Father-Son Day

This kid’s reminder says a lot about his relationship with his father. The boy wrote, “Dad, remember, Father and son day, not father sleeps on his bed day. Understand.” This reminder even included a diagram explaining what father and son day is supposed to look like. It seems like this father and son duo struggled in the past with father and son day. Hopefully, this year dad can get the special day right and wake up from his alarm to play with his boy.


Scary Clowns

If you have a fear of clowns, you may want to skip over this one. Autumn’s letter is pretty terrifying! One daughter knew exactly how to scare her mother. The 10-year-old capitalized on her mother’s greatest fear, although we don’t know the motivation behind the letter, we can imagine it made a pretty scary homecoming! The clown sticker and creepy clown illustration make the note that much more creepy. Someone needs to tell this kid to cool it with the frightening notes.


Camp Rocks

This may be the greatest and grossest letter from camp we have ever seen. We do have a few questions and concerns for this kid. Even though we are pleased that the camper can beat the record, what was 37 the record for? He’s clearly having the best time at camp and is fascinated by so many things! At least he is not using the toothbrush he used to dig for worms, even though it is still a bit concerning that he is using some other kid’s toothbrush.


New Skills

What does camp teach kids these days? We just learned a lot from this child’s letter. Camp is clearly going to make life for this kid’s mom much more difficult. She is going to have to adopt many new odd and dangerous activities when ‘W’ comes back home. This camper is already training his brothers to participate in these bizarre antics. At least he reassures mom that her ‘spaketti’ is much better! Maybe that made up for the rest of the letter.


Making Friends The Easy Way

Although not a common way of socializing, the kid who wrote this note obviously has serious kicking skills if it got him or her a new friend. What ever happened to meeting fellow students the old, traditional way, like approaching someone during recess or doing homework together after school? Times have definitely changed. One has to wonder if this is the type of behavior that will only become more violent in the future or if the kicking master will dial back on the assaults.

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Thanks For Nothing

It is one thing to accept a present gracefully, but it is definitely another to thanks someone for a present you already fully intend on using against them. The person who bought this gift is undeniably regretting purchasing the squirt-gun, as they obviously did not think this gift through or how revengeful the present recipient is. At least one thing’s for sure – this Scott kid is nice enough to let whoever bought him the gun know to watch out.

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Unconditional Love

“Go clean your room!” – said almost every parents to ever exist. Now, as adults, we can appreciate our parents and understand why they were strict when it came to tiding up our rooms. All they wanted to do was set some clear boundaries and guidelines that would later on help us in life. It is hilarious how kids have no leverage, so in order to be able to bargain, they threaten to set conditions for their love.

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Green Emotions

It is funny how sometimes it is clear from the start what’s in store for certain people. The child who wrote this letter is 100% heading in the direction of being an environmental activist, as they care about being green and taking care of nature. The way the note was written also hints a slight literary tendency, as “never put nature aside for television” is a great form of figurative speech, explaining about priorities. Great things are going to come from this kid!

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Know What You Want

This kid is either extremely tech-savvy or very considerate of good ‘ol Santa, making sure the bearded man doesn’t stress over what to get him or her as a present. Perhaps this kid is so smart, they’ve already picked up on the fact that it is their parents that buy the annual Christmas present – so what better way to get what you want than demanding it out in the open? After all, Santa should know if you’ve been bad or good.

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It Was Good While It Lasted

Whoever wrote this note for sure has good manners! Everyone knows that a present should be followed by a thank you note, and this one is a keeper. Honesty is definitely the best policy, and this kid went by the books – by admitting to loving the present which was already forgotten about, it just goes to show that sometimes, it’s just nice to know that someone has thought of you and gotten you something to make you feel special.

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Caring Just A Bit Too Much

Donovan wanted to make sure this soldier had a particularly fantastic Valentines Day, and what better way to assure that than sending a warm greeting card? Donovan’s parents probably sat him down and explained about soldiers and the risks they take on a daily basis, but what the kid understood is obviously only the morbid side of things. All jokes aside, here’s to hoping whoever got this card got to see their family after all.

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Brutal Bear

This kid’s creative poem really took us on an emotional rollercoaster. Although the poem started out rather tame, it had quite a dramatic ending! Also, the illustration above the poem is pretty incredible! We would not mess with a rare purple haired bear after reading that. Poor Bob did not see the attack coming at all! This kid has quite an active imagination. He is also really good at rhyming! Note to self: don’t mess with rare bears.


Scrambled Sentences

To be fair the instructions for this assignment were pretty vague. While the sentence still adheres to the directions that were given, it’s a bit inappropriate for an elementary school class.  We can’t deny that this kid has a real artistic ability to draw goats though! Also, we are pretty positive that this student’s teacher got a really good laugh out of his response! Apparently, the correct response would have been “My goat is in a pen,” but this kid’s response is just so much better!


True Love

If you have been struggling with your Mother’s Day card, fear not. Just check out how this little girl made her mom feel special. We are not saying we condone physical violence, but at least Brooke’s heart is clearly in the right place. Brooke loves her mom and is not afraid to share what she would do if she had a different one. We bet her mom loved this ‘sweet’ gesture and is planning on saving this card forever!