Amazing Coincidences You Have To See To Believe


Mountain Man

When this Vietnamese man came to the beach facing the South China Sea, he simply wanted to relax. As he lay down, someone noticed he was “casting a shadow” on the mountain island behind him.


Gene Screams For Ice Cream

In this middle school classroom, 8th graders gather to learn Spanish. One lesson was about food, so the teacher had them cut out shapes of their favorite food items from construction paper, in this case, ice cream (“helado”), and paste them around the room. This neophyte teen and bleary-eyed glam metal fan wanted nothing to do with class, and always has to be told twice to remove his headphones before class. Little did he know what Gene’s cow tongue was doing behind him.


Good Head On His Shoulders

This UN Peacekeeper is guarding a disputed border, as a part of their mission to provide, “a way to help countries torn by conflict to create the conditions for lasting peace.” The blue helmets, as they are called, are sometimes criticized for not doing much. This is because there are strict rules when the blue helmets are allowed to actually use force; they generally cannot go on the offensive. In a perfect moment of coincidence, the helmet and sign spell out a biting criticism of the UN’s peacekeeping mission.

Life Imitating Art

When this fellow came from California to the Windy City for vacation, he visited the Art Institute of Chicago. He wore his new jacket, and stumbled upon this image which was probably painted by or potentially inspired by Ellsworth Kelly. He noticed immediately that the jacket and the painting were identical in style, and took a cheeky photo. Afterwards, he got a bit peeved, because the Los Angeles designer who had put this overpriced jacket together claimed the design was their brainchild.

A Bit Too Trendy

Here is one coincidence that actually does have an explanation. This guy went to the store because he wanted to change up his style, and the sales associate happily obliged by giving him a total makeover. Little did he know, it was this retail person’s first day on the job. In a panic, the new employee simply dressed him as the mannequins and the advertisements recommended. When he saw his outfit was copied, he laughed it off, but never wore the pants and shirt together after that.


I Mustache You A Question

In this New Mexico town, many people have a shared heritage and shared a lineage. This causes everyone in the street to feel like family- like they are part of a small, loving community. However, sometimes, confusing situations like this come up. After a robbery, the police sent a sketch over to the local news to spread the word on this potentially armed and dangerous suspect. The image seen by the viewers left everyone thinking, “isn’t that him right there?”

Save The Date

This woman is very into memorabilia. She kept her old movie tickets from ages ago to help her have moments of nostalgia. One of the most important days of her life, that she definitely wanted to have a souvenir from, was the day that she got married. She asked her brother to pick up a newspaper from that day, as she was busy with the wedding preparations. They were greeted with a funny slap in the face from the universe. Is there a clearer sign than this?

You Are What You Eat

This marshmallow-filled chocolate treat with a cookie at the base is the only thing that this man likes about going to functions at his son’s pre-school. He hates how the kids are always sick, and getting him sick, and how the screaming and crying never seems to stop. One silver lining that made the reluctant man chuckle was this hilarious coincidence, where it looks like another father is a marshmallow-head as well, but in this case, literally.

Camouflage For The Air-Conditioned Jungle

These cats were both adopted by their owners before they lived in their respective houses. In a funny coincidence, these cats seemed to be the right fit for this environment, almost like they were chameleons. Who knew that cats could become this domesticated. We think it is probably to survive in the rough environment of an air-conditioned, marble-floored suburban house. Without these adaptations, it would be hard to imagine them taking the walk to their food bowl safely.


Rainbows Are In Stock

At the end of this rainbow is not a pot of gold, but a store at a strip mall whose sign clearly reads: “Rainbow.” There is no way this store can ever get in trouble for false advertising, as they have not only one rainbow shooting out of it, but also a second one on the left. This is a coincidence that could have easily not occurred- the arch of the rainbow could have fallen onto the nearby McDonald’s, almost in a weird, colorful homage to the golden arches.

Bird Is The Word

This ornithology geek was out for a stroll in the woods, and decided to bring her field guide with her to help identify birds. She also brought binoculars, which we can see was unnecessary. In an amazing coincidence, the bird landed on the field guide on the exact page with the entry about itself. Perhaps the bird saw the picture from afar, thought it was a relative, and flew over to do a little chirping. The book seems to be lucky, so she takes it on all walks now.

Glitch In The Matrix

On the bus, many passengers did a double-take, and wondered if perhaps they were in The Matrix. Seeing twins like this almost makes it seem there is a glitch in the fabric of reality. How is it that two Gandalf-looking people, dressed in casual clothes, and got on the same bus and sat right near each other? If they are not wizards, they are chemistry professors, which almost like the modern equivalent of a sorcerer. One man is unimpressed, though, and would rather use the bus ride to sleep.


Blending In

This man got a whole new outfit at his local wholesale store, and was feeling fresh about the orange and white pattern, almost reminding him of a citrusy gummy candy cane. However, when he walked out to go to meet friends at the nearby McDonald’s, he did not expect to be confusing motorists with his outfit. The good news is that he blended right in with the look of this street corner, and that he could not get hit by a car even if he tried.


Local Celebrity?

This man headed to his local bar and grill to have a beer and some steak-cut fries. Little did he know, his celebrity MMA fighter doppelganger was going to appear on the screen behind him. People saw the connection and murmured amongst themselves, and then finally built up the courage to go ask the bearded man for selfies and autographs. The fellow chuckled at the mistaken identity situation and took his own picture with the TV to give his friends a laugh.


Cookie Coincidence

In this steakhouse, people have gathered to watch the X-games, and hope to see their favorite extreme sports stars doing gravity-defying stunts. These two hardcore sports fans, “cookie,” a basketball player called thusly for his reliable jump shot from this “sweet spot” on the court, and his buddy, a hardcore Twins fan, sat next to each other to watch the game. These masculine sports fanatics had no idea they were reminding bar patrons of the furry blue Sesame Street character.


Inspired By Nature

This girl wanted to have a hairstyle that nobody else in the world would have (except perhaps Edward Scissorhands). Despite protests from her best friend who prefers a more austere look, she went ahead and paid the $200 to get it cut and styled. Ironically, the moment she decided to sport this new haircut, there was a tree that immediately made her feel not unique, and she regretted all the money spent. The two reluctantly took photos, as both were in a sour mood.

Seeing Quadruple

If you double-take for twins, you need to quadruple-take for this pair of pairs. They say on the New York City subway, you have the choice, on every ride, between looking at the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen, or the craziest thing you have ever seen. This occurrence falls in the latter, as it seems someone in heaven got really lazy when it came to making new people. The blonde twins are also gawking at something; is it yet another set of twins?


Mario’s Castle And Luigi’s Mansion

Perhaps this is an Italian-American enclave, but to Super Mario Bros. super fans, this coincidence seems too good to be true. Perhaps there is a special on mushrooms at both so people can get their “+1 up” for the day. Both places are popular among millennials who have hardcore nostalgia playing Nintendo64 as kids. Unlike in the video game world, where Mario is more of a name brand, here Luigi is the victor when it comes to popularity, as his store is open.


Thrown Into The Deep End

The lakeside vacation spot Siofuk in Hungary is a much sought after destination during the summer months. People flock from all over Europe to each langos and fresh fish and to enjoy their time in the sun. However, in the off-season, terrible storms plague the quiet vacation town. Luckily, the woman in this advertisement was ready for a surf session. It’s a little less glamorous than she imagined, but this will have to do for now.


The Smashing Book

When this girl felt a presence in the room, her worst nightmare was confirmed; it was indeed the dreaded cockroach, encroaching on her turf. Terrified, she reached for the nearest object. It seems as though she took things quite literally, and the cockroach met its demise while being smashed by The Smashing Book. Her first thought was to open the book and read how to smash the invader, but her instinct took over, and she viciously slammed the volume into the unsuspecting creepy crawly.

Nailed It

After a stressful day at work, this woman was troubled by the warning given to her by her boss. She mulled over his words of warning, telling her that if she did not make her deadlines, she will be terminated. Just as she thought her troubles couldn’t get worse, she happened to turn her gaze to the headline of that day’s Metro, and was even more distraught, as she had been biting her nails for the last hour. The shock ironically made her bite her nails even more.


Listen Up

The owner of this Passat is a relatively well-known Bar Mitzvah DJ, as he developed his signature “1 ear up” move before dropping the bass, with a wild head swing. He became so well known for this move that he decided to make his license plate reflect his famed move. When he saw this dog at the kennel, it was almost like he saw himself in the dog as the pup also one had one ear up. It seems as though fate brought them together.


Moonrise Kingdom

In this Swiss town, not too much happens. It’s a quiet but peaceful existence. They have, however, made enough money from their artisinal cuckoo clock sales to expand their church in the town center. They plan to make the steeple twice the size it is currently. When one resident snapped this beautiful photo, church members gushed over the symbolism where humans and the heavens meet. This coincidence was seen by almost all members as a sign from above that their expansion would be successful.


Here’s Jean-ny!

With all the complaints from the hardcore stage fans of the Les Miserables movie, this photo shows how the adaptation could have been much, much worse. If Jack Nicholson had been cast as Jean Valjean, he would have said his lines with crazed eyes, clenching his teeth, and surely would not have sung on key. It’s better to leave him to sit court side at the Staples Center. Even the genius of Stanley Kubrick could not have molded Nicholson into a convincing musical theatre character.


One Fell Swoop

Out of all the signs, on all the streets, this had to be the one to become unhinged. Perhaps a mischievous city employee made sure that the nuts and bolts were loose, and with a strong wind, the sign that reads “fell” would, in fact, fall. It’s unclear if this ironic occurrence is man-made or it simply is a remarkable coincidence. Hopefully, this city employee wasn’t present to put up the signs for Timber Street and Plunge Boulevard.


An Ageless Wizard?

Arsenal fans recently noticed something peculiar about their star player, Mesut Ozil. It would appear that he bears an almost exact resemblance to Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the luxury car brand by the same name. This could either be a double celebrity doppelganger situation or something very funny happened at the Ferrari factory in Italy. Many people believe that Ozil is the reincarnated version of Enzo. We will leave it up to you to decide what you think.


Camolauge Chic

For just $1.99, these comfortable flip flops with a black and white polka dot design are simply a steal. However, customers are having a hard time locating these elusive sandals. The stockroom workers did not care to place the shoes in a more conspicuous way, and what was first thought to be the next big footwear trend has been camouflaged by a completely bizarre storefront display. The sales of these flip flops did better at their competitor’s store, who by chance used a solid-colored sales rack.


Out For Blood

Vladimir has always been a strange character. He avoids garlic in all foods and spends a lot of time indoors. Most were surprised to hear that Vladimir wanted to drive down to the Red Cross and donate blood, in daylight, no less. What they did not know is that Vladimir secretly volunteered to take blood from citizens all Saturday each week. So much so, he started to call himself “The Vampyr.” To an outside observer, it looks like someone might be here to rob the blood bank.


A Mother’s Priorities

While a mother’s top priority will always be her baby’s needs, this supermarket understands that sometimes mothers also need to be babied. And what baby needs is some refreshing cold beer and some nice boxed wine. We just hope that she does not get the bottles mixed up when she is preparing a drink for herself and a drink for her baby. The grocery owners understand what it is like to be a parent, and like cereal and milk, put related products next to each other.


Blonde Ambition

When a casting call goes out in Los Angeles, hundreds, if not thousands, of hungry aspiring actresses pounce on the opportunity to become the next big star. In this case, the movie called for a young, blonde woman in between the ages of 25 and 35. When the news got out, there was a frenzy amongst the Valley girl aspiring actress community. Those with cars zoomed over to the studio lot, but this less fortunate car-less gaggle of blondes were stuck in traffic together on the bus.