Woman Reveals Big Secret About Boyfriend After Meeting Online


A Big Secret

This lucky lady found out that her new boyfriend had a secret…a secret so big that it could make or break the relationship before it even started. But what exactly could he be hiding?

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Meet Hazel

Let’s start with the lady’s side of the story. Hazel Carter is a 56-year-old lady from Coventry, United Kingdom. She is a financial advisor and overall, a fun-loving and down to earth kind of woman. An avid dog lover, Hazel has two of her own and loves the simple things in life. She likes to go out to pubs and restaurants with friends and work colleagues. But life hasn’t always been so simple for Hazel.

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Been Through The Storm

Hazel has been through a lot in her 56 years. Here she was, a single woman who just got out of a marriage that lasted 21 years. After being married to someone for over two decades, and for it to end so suddenly, something must have gone horribly wrong for Hazel and her former husband. Hazel never made it clear as to why her marriage didn’t stand the test of time. However, Hazel had plenty of reasons to be happy…

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Her Pride And Joy

Although her past relationship didn’t work out, some great things came out of it. Most importantly, she was blessed with two daughters who have filled her with much pride and joy since the days they were born. As a single mother, Hazel depended on her girls more than ever and bringing them up so well, they were more than happy to help their mother no matter what. But one day out with her eldest changed everything…

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Daughter’s Words

One day, when they went on a fun day out together, Hazel and her eldest daughter were talking about anything and everything. But she could sense that something was missing in her mother’s life and that it had been long enough since her parents had split up. So Hazel’s daughter encouraged her to get back out there and find someone new. Knowing that her mother was a proficient user of the internet, she recommended trying out online dating.

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Time To Take Action

Ready to move on, Hazel took her daughter’s advice on board and set up an online dating profile. Naturally, she was apprehensive about the whole idea, partly because she never did online dating before. She wrote some interesting information about her and put up photos of her in her finest dresses. Then, after looking through potential dating material, she stumbled across a nice looking bald guy who lived nearby. He went by the name of Denzil.

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Meet Denzil

Denzil Morgan came across as extremely friendly. His profile said that he was a train conductor and had a passion for locomotives in general. He spent weekends going out with friends, taking photos of beautiful looking trains and had an impressive collection of images. And after some small talk, Hazel had told her date about her previous marriage. But Denzil could relate to her, as he had also been in a relationship that spanned the good part of two decades.

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Red Alert

However, alarm bells started to ring when Hazel noticed something strange on Denzil’s profile. At the bottom of the page, it said the following: “There are two sides to me. Hopefully, if you like them both, we will have fun together…” What did this mean exactly? Was Denzil the modern day Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Did he have an evil alter-ego? He even offered to share his secret with Hazel. But she refused, and just wanted to meet up instead…

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Let’s Take It Back

Don’t be fooled. Despite Hazel’s preferences, there was a time when Denzil didn’t tick all of her boxes. This particular photo was taken over a decade ago and clearly shows that there was a time when Denzil wasn’t ready to rock the bald look. He clung onto the hair he had remaining and embraced it in full effect, growing it out down to his shoulders. But those days are long gone, and Hazel’s boyfriend is a hairless force to be reckoned with.

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First Date

So Hazel and Denzil met up for the first time in July 2014. They met in the morning at a cafe and got to know each other over a cup of coffee. At the end of the date, Hazel admitted that she had a great time hanging out with Denzil and desperately wanted to see him again. And it seemed like he was just as keen to meet up for a second date. Hazel still has the texts to prove it…

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Mutual Feelings

Denzil texted Hazel later on that evening, saying “I had a great morning, I think we got on really well.” So the feeling was mutual and both wanted to see each other again. But Hazel had a change of heart. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see Denzil again, but she changed her mind in regards to the mystery surrounding her new date. She wanted to know the secret that Denzil had mentioned when they first spoke online.

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Should I Tell Her?

Still, Denzil was conflicted. Telling Hazel his big secret was a huge risk. It had only been one date but even after just one brief encounter, he knew she was special. She was prepared to hear what he had to say. But he had never got this far with someone, and normally they freaked out at this point. “You sit and think ‘do I tell her now?’ But at that point I’d got nothing to lose.”

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What’s Up With Denzil?

What exactly was Denzil hiding? And how bad could it have been? Hazel wanted a new boyfriend, and even after meeting him just once, she had a strong feeling that Denzil could fulfill her criteria. So Hazel texted him, asking, “what was it you wanted to tell me?” Denzil replied swiftly and asked her if she wanted to see a picture of him that would make things clearer. So she said yes and awaited the photo…

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Into The Future

Fast forward two years later, and Hazel is on day time chat show The Jeremy Kyle Show. She went on the show to discuss the events that transpired before and after Denzil sent her that photo. Jeremy Kyle was determined to get to bottom of this mystery box. After telling the host everything that had happened building up to the post-date text conversation, he wanted to know what Denzil’s photo showed. Well, in the end, Hazel decided not to…

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Why The Secrecy?

The reason that Hazel chose not to show the photo was because she wanted to respect Denzil’s privacy. It turns out that in the two and a half years since they met, the couple were completely inseparable. They grew madly in love with each other and decided to fully commit to one another. So whatever Hazel saw in her boyfriend’s photo must have been a good secret worth sharing. And she was ready to share their story with the public.

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A Surprising Secret

Before she shared with Jeremy and the audience their big secret, Hazel explained that she was initially in shock after what she saw. It took her a while to get around what Denzil had been hiding from her. But she knew that she couldn’t blame Denzil for the way she found out. Ultimately, he did offer before meeting her if she’d like to know, and she decided against it. But they were still together. So what was all the fuss about?

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The Truth

Denzil came out on stage. Lo and behold, he wore a dress. The crowd gasped in shock! But Hazel told the crowd to calm down as she continued to explain the story. In an absolutely incredible transformation, Denzil had long straight hair and make-up. He looked like a woman. After she received the photo from him two and a half years ago, Hazel replied to him, texting, “Wow! You looked good!” But this wasn’t the end. She was still very much confused about the whole situation.

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More Questions

The questions kept coming. Next, Hazel asked, “do you do this all the time, or just at the weekend?” Without hesitation, Denzil replied, “I’ve only been out once like this. I don’t do it for … gratification, there’s just something inside me that makes me do it.” It took Hazel some time to get her head around the whole situation and there was still so much she wanted to know. Did this mean that her boyfriend wanted to be a woman?

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Still A Man

Despite this unusual scenario, Denzil made it clear that he was still heterosexual. He was only attracted to women, specifically to Hazel. And even though her boyfriend went the full nine yards and wore prosthetic breasts, he made no plans to have implants or the necessary surgery to make a full transformation. When all was said and done, Denzil was clear with Hazel from that moment onwards – he was very much still a man and didn’t want to become an actual woman.

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Confusing Times

Denzil was obviously worried that Hazel might reject him amid this peculiar reveal. Naturally confused, she asked for some time to think about the matter. She consulted her eldest daughter and asked what she thought. Understandably, she was apprehensive about the whole thing. But after thinking long and hard about it, Hazel went with her heart and decided to give Denzil another chance. The pair went on a second date. But this time, they talked for hours on end until something made sense to both of them…

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Meet Danielle

After Hazel felt more comfortable, she introduced Denzil to her daughters, who asked him all sorts of questions when the four went out for dinner together for the first time. In response to their hundreds of questions, Denzil gave them the information they needed. He told them that his female persona was called Danielle, and that until recently, he only dressed up at home. And the girls only had good things to say about Denzil and Danielle. “He’s a really nice guy,” they said.

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So now that she had received her daughters seal of approval, Hazel was ready to make her relationship with Denzil official. Six weeks into the romance, she stayed at her new boyfriend’s house for the first time. Denzil introduced her to Danielle’s closet and it was an impressive sight. Hazel had never seen so many dresses and heels in one space, as well as a copious amount of makeup and wigs. However, it would be a bit longer before she was formally introduced to Danielle…

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When Hazel Met Danielle

So the time had come, and Hazel was about to meet the third wheel in the relationship – Danielle. Denzil put a dress on, a long wig, fit his prosthetic breasts and applied his make up. After waiting for two hours, Hazel braced herself before seeing the full transformation. But as soon as Danielle revealed herself, Hazel knew that some minor adjustments needed to be made. “We need to go shopping!” she said. So off they went on their first shopping trip.

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She Wanted To Understand

Danielle wasn’t the problem. She was a welcome addition in Hazel’s life. But she wanted to fully understand this three-way dynamic they were establishing. Hazel started to do research on other people’s experiences of living with transvestites. She learned that many people walked away from their partners after revealing their desire to dress up as a member of the opposite sex. But not Hazel, she was here to stay. She just wanted to understand her boyfriend, completely.

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It Was Written…

After overcoming many obstacles together and standing the test of time, Hazel felt compelled to share their story with the world. She was so proud of everything her boyfriend had gone through to do what he wanted, so she had a book about it published. Hazel wrote I Just Want To Be Her in order to empower people who are living a similar sort of lifestyle. “I wanted to promote better understanding,” she said. “Promote why people are in Denzil’s position.”

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Denzil And Danielle

Hazel’s boyfriend has his own thoughts on the whole matter. Ultimately, Denzil is forever grateful that Hazel came into his life and accepted every single aspect of his life. “She’s given me the confidence to be able to be me. Go out, do what I want to do,” he said. Denzil also wants to make it clear that Hazel’s book confirms something very important: “Although I might be dressed like this, inside I’m still the same person.”

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Throughout the entire process, Hazel has been mature and honest about her approach to accepting her boyfriend. But after establishing such a strong connection, it seems like nothing will tear them apart. “I’m not saying that it was easy to accept Denzil, not initially,” she said. “But what we have is good, a very strong relationship with the ability to talk to each other and the willingness to accept, surely that’s what being in love with someone is all about.”

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Loud And Proud

Not only is Hazel fully on board with their arrangement, her boyfriend is becoming more and more confident when he transforms into his alter-ego. Danielle appears more often now: sometimes once a month and other times she’s around for a few times a week. Even though she still gets some stares in public, Danielle doesn’t let this affect her anymore. Denzil even started to wear nail polish and women’s underwear to work. “It makes me feel naughty!” he said, joking.

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Girl’s Day Out

When it comes to Hazel and Danielle’s relationship, it’s very different from how Hazel and Denzil live together. Danielle explained that the two ladies’ dynamic is purely platonic, with no strings attached. 50% of the time, they are just two good friends who like to do things that friends do. “We just go out. We do normal things, go shopping, go to the cinema, pubs, restaurants,” Danielle said. “You know, just anything that two girls would go out and do together.”

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The Perfect Match

Now 51, Denzil is grateful that he has finally found someone who loves both sides of him. In Denzil, Hazel has found her one true love. While in Danielle, Hazel has found a new best friend. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. Hazel gave Denzil the confidence to go out and be whatever type of person he wants to be. Their book has become a huge hit in the LGBT community and has inspired many couples who are facing the same situation.

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